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Mayim Bialik is the Role Model I’ve been waiting for

Not to dredge up  big-nosed stereotypical Jewish women, but I have to say – I am one of those women. I am one of those women who possesses that typical Jewish feature. I am one of those women who, growing up in the eighties, when perfection was button-cute noses like those of Christie Brinkley, I felt bad about my own. It probably didn’t help much that my mother made it a point to mention – more often than not – how big my nose was in comparison to my sisters’ and my grandmother who’d had her own nose done told me I was pretty except for that big nose on my face.

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t contemplate going in for a little deviated septum reconstructive surgery if for no other reason to be able to look at a profile picture of myself and not cringe. It’s so interesting that as a child your standard of beauty is what you are TOLD your standard of beauty should be. I was so often reminded of how big my nose was that I became disdainful of it. I don’t begrudge my mother or grandmother for their insistence that I make my look more Anglo. Perhaps they thought, in doing so, living in the United States I’d be able to blend in better, and wouldn’t feel targeted as a JEW.

So where and how does Mayim fit into my tale? She and I are from the same generation- I grew up watching her on television. In fact when I was younger people told me we looked similar. Especially in her role as a younger Bette Midler in Beaches. Unlike so many of her child-star counterparts Mayim has remained true to her ethnic Gd given features and for that I simply adore her. She has also managed to carve out a niche as an adult actress on a popular sitcom without having to sacrifice who she inherently is. Ok, so she doesn’t play the blonde bombshell (with the cute little button nose) but she does have a wicked sense of comedic timing and she’s blazed a trail for a whole new crop of sexy geeky goddesses.

In a business rife with  women subjecting themselves to breast implants, silicone injections and botox shots  whether she cares to or not Mayim has made a bold statement- Big noses are BEAUTIFUL. And I for one am so glad she did and am grateful for all the little girls including my own who get to see her in all her glory on the small screen.

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