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Meeting the New Millennium

Symbolic Scheme of the Zodiac-Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem

In July 1981 I returned from the Holy Land full of inspiration and encouragement with 37 messages. Unfortunately, after coming back, I found my mother very ill with cancer. I was very upset because she was one of the closest souls to me on Earth. I spent the following days and weeks with her trying to alleviate her pain and suffering. In one of those difficult days, the room suddenly became full of light and I saw her Divine Soul. Such beauty, light, tenderness, spiritual intimacy and many more subtle vibrations, I had never experienced in my life. I was moved to tears and realised how some time the person with whom you are living every day, could be one of the most beautiful souls which you could ever know.

My mother passed over on November 10, 1981. A few days later I started writing down the list of the Messages which I received in the Holy Land. I wanted to put them in order – I felt that it was my spiritual duty. I expected that in the following year, 1982, important spiritual events would take place.

On March 10, 1982, all planets in our solar system were in alignment with the Earth, but from the point of view of the Sun (i.e. the Earth was in the middle of the planets). I wondered what could be the significance of this alignment. Around 23.45 on March 9, I felt a strong impulse to pray and meditate on the meaning of this rare stellar constellation. Little by little it came to me that this grouping of all planets could release the energy for the beginning of a new era in the life of humankind, an era when it could become God’s people on Earth and could live in peace, love, harmony and friendship. The prayer-meditation developed into a great metaphysical vision of the approaching New Millennium and the coming new cosmic cycle of evolution.

The next day, March 10, I went to the Southern Park in Sofia and at 12.00 noon I started a solemn prayer-meditation celebrating the metaphysical event of the New Millennium. I merged with the light of the Sun as the Solar Logos and contemplated the opening of the New Epoch of the Divine Spirit. I understood that I had the vision of coming new cosmic cycle of evolution, but I did not know how it would materialise on Earth. I had to wait for a few months, until the following autumn, when the planetary constellation would be repeated, but this time from the point of view of the Earth. So, I started my preparation for the great metaphysical events which were about to come.

In the afternoon of March 10 (exactly four months after my mother’s passing over), I received the vision of the coming First Raising of the Dead as well. So, I went to the main cemetery in Sofia. I entered into the Church and all frescoes, depicting various scenes of Resurrection, became very vivid, almost alive. After my visit to the Church, I began a slow walk toward the section where my relatives and friends were buried. The Sunset was magnificent, the atmosphere in the cemetery was ‘transcendent’ and I entered into an amazing vision: the whole space became ethereal and lit by spiritual light and one after another I saw the faces of my relatives and friends ‘getting up’ from the graves and shining with radiant life, light, beauty and love! Among the first ‘resurrected’ souls were my mother and my brother. I also remembered that 15 years earlier, my brother when visited the great Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga asked her: Vanga, when you are looking for missing persons, how would would know if they were dead or alive? Vanga answered: If they are dead, their faces are pale and without expressions; if they are alive – their faces are full of life and light. In my experience of this Resurrection the departed relatives and friends were full of life and I had real contact with them! Perhaps this was a glimpse of what might happen at the Day of Resurrection and Judgement?!

On August 27, 1982, I received the illumination about the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. This was a staggering vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Holy City, with its Twelve Gates, which are the Gates to the spiritual realities of the world religions. I realised that this was a vision for the new Millennium, for the coming epoch of Aquarius,  appreciating the Kingdom of God with its many mansions! Truly it was a glorious and majestic vision. I was deeply inspired by it and I understood so many things which would happen, not only in the following years, but throughout the whole new Millennium.

I received the vision of the Kingdom of God in the form of a gigantic Zodiac-Mandala (i.e., a symbolic image of the Universe and the spiritual epochs in the outgoing Indo-European cosmic cycle). At the centre of this Mandala was the Absolute Origin of Being, the Cosmic-spiritual Sun, Metatron, which radiates the Light of Creation, through the images of the Divine Masters – Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ, Muhammad, Beinsa Douno and many other Divine Masters, together with their Feminine Partners, as they appeared in the various historical epochs. It was a staggering new Universal Mandala in which we could contemplate the light of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Masters and at the same time link with the centre of the Mandala which is the mystery of the Absolute Origin of Being, the CREATOR, the Primal Cause, the Source of Light, Metatron and the Primordial Adi Buddha.

It was one of the most exquisite visions which I could have imagined. It was like a prototype of the great new enlightenment of Maitreya-Buddha, the Buddha who is to come. At the same time, it was related to Metatron, to many other Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Mother, to the reality of the New Heaven and New Earth where humankind will continue its evolution. Everything came together in Divine Unity!

The interpretation of the Heavenly Jerusalem as a cosmic-spiritual Zodiac allows us to integrate all spiritual epochs in the Indo-European cycle of evolution (from the previous Golden Age, the last Satya Yuga, to the coming new one) into a gigantic Zodiac-Mandala. This is the contemplation of all human history on Earth as vast panorama of the great metahistorical ‘cosmic-spiritual year’ in the life of humankind. In essence this Zodiac-Mandala is the key to a new Integral Pentecost which comes as a conclusion to the great Indo-European cycle in the history of humankind and gives the impulse for the beginning of the new cosmic cycle of evolution in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

From the perspective of the Kabbalistic structure of Creation (please, see the Scheme below the text), represented by Asiyyah (the World of made-fact), Yetzirah (the World of Formation) and Beriah (the World of Creation) we can identify the outer circle of the Mandala (in pink) with life which is restricted in the material cosmos. The inner circle (in blue), with its Gates of Initiation, symbolises an entry into the world of Yetzirah. The third circle (in white) symbolises the entry into the world of Beriah. The centre of the Mandala corresponds to the transcendent Divine reality beyond Creation (the World of Emanation, Azilut), personified by Metatron sitting on His Throne.

I could summarise that G-d is always present with humankind, in every ‘season’, in every phase of human evolution. Every point of the inner circles of the Mandala is an emanation from the CREATOR, a ray of cosmic-spiritual Sun, an impulse arising from the Divine Spirit. Depending on the specific cosmic-spiritual season, however, this presence is realised differently by the various Divine Masters and their initiates in the three respective worlds: in Asiyyah they form an established religion, in Yetzirah they trace different spiritual paths to the higher worlds, in Beriah – they reveal one or another monumental vision of Creation. Of course, the ultimate goal is the mergence with the Absolute Origin of Being.

In line with the Divine impulse for return to the Origin of Being, humankind has to move from the Material World (i.e. Asiyyah, where it has to transform the established religions), thought the World of Formation (i.e. Yetzirah, where humankind has to raise the vibrations of the spiritual paths), up to the World of Creation (i.e. Beriah) where Initiates, from all world religions, have to gather in order to link with the CREATOR in the World of Emanation (Azilut) and to receive the Light for the coming  new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle of evolution. The Scheme below depicts some features of this Zodiac-Mandala. 

In the Scheme below, the Absolute Origin of Being (at the centre of the Mandala), the four metaphysical directions (east, west, south, north) and the twelve gates, ‘three on each side’, depict a gigantic cosmic-spiritual Zodiac. In this metaphysical Zodiac, the CREATOR is at the Centre as the cosmic-spiritual Sun which never sets; the four directions are the turning points of the ‘spiritual seasons’, and the ‘twelve gates’ are specific cosmic-spiritual fields of energy (like twelve spiritual zodiac signs). The ‘seasons’ correspond to the great spiritual epochs in the history of humankind – for instance, the Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yugas, according to the Hindu tradition. Each world religion comes in a particular cosmic-spiritual season (historical epoch) and reveals a complete picture of the Universe, but in accordance with its ‘season’. Thus, the religions form one or another ‘room in the Father’s house’ with a specific Gate (i.e. spiritual path) of entry into the Kingdom of God.

Symbolic Scheme of the Zodiac-Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem

About the Author
Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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