Meetings of Sa’d al-Hariri and Sethrida Geagea — what’s their relationship?

Private life and unconventional relationships are always sought by various groups of people. Now, if the disclosure or even the rumor of this type of relationship is about a celebrities or Sports character, the attractiveness of the event will multiply.

But when this focus and attention is drawn to the political life of the politician, there are political and even judicial controversies. When rumors or disclosure of the unconventional relationship of two parties, one side of the story with a political background history has shown that its effects have become clear in months or even years after life and social activity.

From time to time, especially during the past few months, news stories have been published based on the visit of Saad al-Hariri and Sethrida Geagea, some of whom are referred to as secret meetings or informal gatherings.

Mrs. Sethrida Geagea is the same representative of the parliament of Lebanon and the wife of the Lebanese forces party leader Samir Geagea.

Following the expansion of the meetings, during the pre-presidential election, Samir Geagea was also nominated, and his wife came to gain influence on the perpetrator, including Sheikh Saad al-Hariri, chairman of the Al-Mustaqbal party, who was among the first Sunni party, and during the election period The councils and the recent parliamentary elections of these meetings were repeated in Lebanon and beyond.

Because of increase in their visits, and in particular, in many cases, the wife of Geagea was alone and  she has seen without his wife’s presence with al-Hariri, a well-known and popular three-nation politician (Lebanon-Saudi Arabia-France) and somewhat successful in the field of fortune-telling and Politics, which created the rumor of the possibility of an emotional relationship between these two political allies.

This rumor was repeatedly made by the media that the two sides were silent, and some of them were forced to respond by the intensification of the publication of certain images, and issued a statement stating that there was no such relationship between the two The politician and only the existence of mutual respect between the two individuals.

But what is the truth of the story?

Why should not Samir Geagea go to Lebanon or France in person but to consider his young and beautiful wife for these meetings in order to deepen the relationship with his Sunni counterpart ?!

This relationship seems to have happened under Samir Geagea ‘s own eyes.

On the other hand, in order to keep al-Hariri more enthusiastic, he considers the interest of the young prime minister in dealing with beautiful women, and wants to see his wife, who is considered a beautiful politician woman, for missions that It seems to be very important for Samir Geagea to send to al-Hariri and on the other hand is not concerned about the control of getting out of the relationship?

It is said that in the Lebanese forces party, it is permissible to do whatever is necessary to bring the party to its demands. For the same reason, Samir Geagea, who usually himself, after the publication of such statements, preferred to react to silence. It is unlikely that the existence of the emotional relationship in question is confirmed or even accepted by consensus.

And maybe Samir Geagea is just a spectator of the story and he does not actually have the mastery of the story. But whatever that is, this kind of relationship cannot be hidden from the boss’s head.

Al-Hariri’s neighborhood, however, emphasizes that in many of these meetings, which lasts for more than two hours, the two sides negotiated alone and without the presence of a third party, which reinforces the hypothesis of a close emotional relationship.

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.