Elaine Rosenberg Miller

Meshugoim Hoyz

It’s, as my mother used to, a meshugoim hoyz in American politics right now.

A late night commentator (Leftist) says he wants to castrate a Supreme Court nominee.

The Left cable networks all, fortuitously, have mind-readers on their panels.

They know what is in Trump’s and his appointees’ brains.

They are self-styled psychological, sociological, historical, financial analysts and seers.

All are graduates of Maven University (“Opinion Over Knowledge”).

They love to confess.

They love to talk about themselves.

They are interested in their stories, so should you be.

They may say something outrageous, clearly wrong, but there is never any backtracking. Oh, well, “Tomorrow … is another day!” (Scarlett O’Hara, GONE WITH THE WIND).

You try social media. Have what you think is a civil conversation, lay out the facts. As soon as it looks as if you are prevailing, the respondents tack onto another topic. You slog on. And on. And then, when it looks as if you are proving your argument, they suddenly throw in something personal about you (“Where did they see that?” you think) and abruptly end with a “Bye, troll!”


Didn’t trolls used to live under Scandinavian bridges?

Personal relations? Pfft!

My favorite?

“I have a question. One word. Yes or no? Would you still vote for Trump?”

“I’ll give you three words. More Than Ever.”

That was sixteen months ago.


My biggest shock about joining the GOP (“Why I Became A Republican”, NEWSMAX) while living in a Democratic community was the realization that I had become part of, for lack of a better word, a member of a suspect class.

Dems don’t hesitate to spit out “Republican” as if it were “Ku Klux Klan” or “SS”.

Here’s the inside scoop.

Republicans have better food.

When I went to Bill Clinton’s First Inauguration in 1993 (I was a Democrat) I attended all the major events.

What did I find?


Lots and lots of peanuts

But I did get to hear Barbra Stresiand sing.

Dems like to dazzle you so you don’t notice there’s nothing to eat.

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Elaine Rosenberg Miller writes fiction and non-fiction. Her work has appeared in numerous print publications and online sites, domestically and abroad, including JUDISCHE RUNDSCHAU, THE BANGALORE REVIEW, THE FORWARD, THE HUFFINGTON POST and THE JEWISH PRESS. Her books,, FISHING IN THE INTERCOASTAL AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, THE CHINESE JEW. THE TRUST and PALMBEACHTOWN are available on Amazon and Kindle.