Mischief in the Middle East

Joe Biden is jetting off to the Middle East but, the question is, for what purpose? The President is to touch down in Israel amid upcoming elections in that nation.  Israel is currently under the stewardship of an interim Prime Minister who, naturally, is not in a position to make any deals. Is it the President’s intention to pressure or support one political party or another in Israel? It sounds absurd, but Joe Biden would not be the first president to attempt such officious intermeddling.  President Obama famously defended the use of American money to support anti-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political interests. When word got out, just before the election in Israel, Bibi, as his friends and enemies alike call him, won his biggest electoral victory. Of course, this is not the first time that the United States has attempted to influence the election in other countries, while decrying foreign intervention in our own elections. It is a good bet that President Biden is going to do everything he can to strengthen the political interests in Israel with which he agrees.

The President will then visit the dictator, Mahmoud Abbas, in Ramallah.  Mahmoud Abbas was elected once, and never will there be another election in the West Bank areas occupied by the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority was a creation of Bill Clinton and the so-called Oslo Accords. That resulted in a terrorist group taking control of Gaza which has rained thousands of missiles on Israel’s civilian population. It also created permanent presidency of Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank area occupied by the Palestinian Authority. Joe Biden will attempt to further empower the dictatorial regime in Ramallah to be an independent country. That would create a second Gaza whose border would lie along the entirety of Israel’s narrow eastern flank. In many places, the country would only be 4 or 5 miles wide. It is a sure recipe for Israeli suicide, but most American politicians favor the so-called “two state” solution. Al Gore, to his credit, way back in the 80’s, said that another Arab state, which would clearly be hostile to Jews and Christians in the Middle East, would be a knife in the back of Israel. Al was right about that.

After President Biden is done making mischief in the Middle East, he then intends to fly to Saudi Arabia. Why? He is looking for oil.  Oil from Saudi Arabia will, of course, come with more than just a high price tag. It is about power for Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that President Bush secreted Saudi Arabian officials and politicians out of this country right after 9-11, so that they could not be examined as to their role in creating terrorism throughout the world.  Saudi Arabia, now considered a moderate and friend of the United States, is vital for its oil. We are once again exporting our energy needs to dangerous, undemocratic and potentially hostile regimes, rather than be energy independent ourselves.

The issue, of course, is what is in America’s best interests in the Middle East. The Russians have militarily occupied Syria and Iran, with its ambitions of building nuclear weapons, essentially controlling Lebanon, Syria, and the Gaza Strip, along with their Russian allies.

American interests are easily defined and they are as follows:

  1. A strong and stable Middle East. The United States benefits by stability in the world. The only stability, the only anchor for justice and peace in the Middle East is, of course, Israel. Israel is the only place where Jews, Christians and Muslim minorities, along with many other groups, can live in safety.  Israel is a bastion of peace, safety, security, economic prosperity and innovation. It is without question a democracy unparalleled in the free world. Israel’s position has created an environment for the United States where it is able to have friendships with other stable Arab regimes, and maintain safety for the Sixth Fleet in both the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and even in the Indian Ocean area. The United States has benefited tremendously from Israeli technology, medical advances and education.
  1. Stability is not advanced by creation of another terrorist regime on the west shore of the Jordan River. The United States has an odd habit of supporting either fascists or communists. Perhaps our decisionmakers believe that a tyrant who can control their people, is somehow good for the United States. It was Dwight Eisenhower, after all, who utilized the CIA to throw out a democratically elected regime in Iran which brought us the dictator, Shah of Iran, and ultimately the Mullahs who now rule that terrorist nation state. Creating another terrorist state in the Middle East, and calling it a “two state solution,” is only a pantomime for a policy that everyone in our government knows will fail. Why America would not desire a stable Middle East, rather than one dominated by regimes like Iran, Russia and their terrorist allies, Hezbollah and Hamas, is unknowable. It just does not make any sense at all. Perhaps the folks in Foggy Bottom believe that it is easier to manipulate terrorists, who so desperately need money, control and power.

President Biden only recently has started refunding the Palestinian Authority, which pays terrorists to kill innocent civilians. That is always hard for Americans to believe, and the United States has passed a law preventing it.

  1. Saudi Arabia and Iran. By making Saudi Arabia more wealthy with our hard-earned money, and exporting our energy needs abroad, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot again. Our policymakers should understand that supporting a carbon emission industry in Saudi Arabia does not help the United States economically, in terms of our world power or environmentally. It is insane and crazy.  As to Iran, can you believe that the Obama Administration entered into a deal with that nation which would have enabled them to obtain better, faster centrifuges to make nuclear bombs; would have permitted Iran to store uranium in Russia and North Korea and would have given Iran fusion technology which would have enabled them to create a hydrogen bomb?  When I took up these three issues with Senator Casey’s office, before the Congressional vote, he promised to talk to President Obama about it.  He said that he was not aware that the deal contained those provisions and that all of the other aspects of the Iran deal touted by the Administration were only voluntary on the part of Iran. He never got back to me.

We can only hope that Joe Biden may have an epiphany, like some of our great Judeo-Christian thinkers, when he arrives in the Middle East. However, his history is to smile, shake hands, and say that he loves a peaceful democracy, while all along enabling the enemies of our nation’s security.

About the Author
Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.

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