Misconceptions of the times

There is a big misconception that many Jews in the modern world have taken as truth. Over the years, as Jews become increasingly successful, they forget their history of suffering and how discrimination follows them. They believe they are safe.

Yet, according to a study by the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitic prejudice has grown dramatically since the beginning of 2017. That’s an eighty-six percent increase. There is no room for thought here. Despite their tiny percentage of the world’s population, Jews are a minority group that is incredibly discriminated against.

Now, in United States specifically, no one seems to think that Jews are discriminated against. Yet, they remain one of the most targeted minority groups on college campuses across the nation. The war, however, is not just in America. It’s in Israel.

Leaders of the Hezbollah, a terrorist organization funded by Iran, are claiming that Netanyahu’s government is pushing them to war in the Gaza strip. They say that Israelis would not be safe in any part of the country. The Hezbollah declared that if a conflict were to start with Israel, a war like that would draw thousands from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, and Lebanon. Israel has become increasingly concerned, especially since the commencement of the nuclear deal between the United States and Iran. In August, Netanyahu warned the Iran was using their building sites to produce precision missiles in Syria and Lebanon with the intention of using them against Israel.

The danger of another war in Israel is uncanny. With nuclear technology developing much faster, and there being no sign that the Iranian government wouldn’t dare use them against Israel, the fear is incredibly justified.

The last war in Israel was a result of Operation Protective Edge, a fight against Hamas, and ended in the destruction of the war tunnels constructed by the terrorist organization. But the real question is, why did it start? The answer is simple- Israel was attacked.

If you poke a bear with a stick, it will bite.

If you decide to fight Israel, it will fight back.

It’s really a case of common sense being lost to people. All Israel ever does is fight back because what else can it do? The country is only 8,019 mi² and surrounded by twenty-two Arab countries in the Middle East that all share the common desire that is the destruction of the small Jewish nation-state. Israel HAS to fight back. The misconception that Israel isn’t a target is clearly ridiculous. Therefore, people need to recognize the need to retaliate.

No, this is not an incentive to go around stooping to the level of those committing unspeakable acts or saying untrue things. It means supporting the Israeli Defense Force.

Israeli DEFENSE Force.

It’s named this for a reason. Israel uses its army only to defend. Attack us all you want, but in the end, we WILL win.

About the Author
Vanessa Gonik is a student that attends a Jewish school. She is studying Israel Advocacy.