Mixed Vegetables and Mixed Messages

All right, I admit I’m very confused. Recently looking at a side dish of mixed vegetables, I was confronted with a conundrum. I like peas, but can’t eat the corn, and I have a great distaste for lima beans. The other assorted legumes are tasty, but of little consequence. The upshot here is that I was faced with several scenarios, all of which would bring down a deluge of criticism from others at the table.

Was this a side of ‘one entre for 5 veggies’? Maybe ‘five entrées for one side dish’…or, well, you see the point. The proper table manners, and politically correct way to eat this stuff, is to mix it all together at the same time in my palate. If I started to separate the items and choose what I wanted, would I be accosted with verbal assaults by the other guests? Would I be accused of apartheid? Or maybe vegetable ‘ethnic cleansing’? This has little to do with whatever the vegetables may want. Discrimination is imposed from the outside. And predetermined prejudice usually dictates human action.

The messages are as mixed as the side dish, and any choice I make would be the wrong one, it seems.

This little dinner table farce takes on a much more serious tone when it comes to Israel though the perceptions of the world’s other nations. Is Israel to be one state for two peoples, or two states for two peoples? I’m confused. Israeli’s understand that the only solution to the Israel/Palestinian conflict is direct negotiations between the parties. A solution forced on the two by outside interests is just plain prejudicial, and would mirror the dysfunctional dinner party, but satisfy political correctness.

Part of the issue is the predetermined prejudice in favor of Palestinian goals. The ultimate of which is the replacement of Israel by, yet another failed Arab state, with the forced marginalization of the Jewish community, eventually to disappear under an onslaught of politically correct veggie melee. With the taste of the peas gone, one would only experience the corn and lima beans, but the other guests would be satisfied.

I’m sorry, I like peas….by themselves. I like the Jewish community and all the taste it offers.

I am not prejudiced. Nor do I approve of apartheid. Israel is a wondrous place of multiple cultures, tastes, smells, and experiences already. Many peoples of differing backgrounds already present the world with a mouthwatering blend of exotic cultures and does not need the intervention of a potentially disastrous remake based on global table manners. But perception is everything.

The world sees Israel as the problem, and, unfortunately, not the solution. Seemingly benign global ‘table guests’ go to great lengths to pretend that Israel does not exist. The list is endless.

Some recent examples include:

  1. Air France conveniently wiping Israel off the map on it’s in-flight magazines. Corrected after protest.
  2. Globe manufacturers that show ‘Palestine’ from the Jordan river to the sea. Corrected after protest.
  3. Continued boycotts of Israeli goods in Europe, South America, and other places are on-going. Some correction being made.

These are fought vigorously by Israel and Jewish organizations with moderate success. But there remain some disturbing items that stink of de-legitimization.

From Israel’s greatest friend…the USA… is the policy of the U.S. State Dept. to not recognize anyone with Jerusalem as his/her place of birth, if it is followed by ‘comma Israel’. In other words, if one is born in Jerusalem, Israel, one does not exist. You are stateless! This is official policy of the U.S. Government! Nor does the U.S., or any country (except Costa Rica) have an embassy there. This literally wipes out nearly one quarter of Israel’s population.

Stateless! The heart and soul, and very life blood of the Jewish people world wide…is obliterated.

About three weeks ago I was watching a local newscast here in Sioux City Iowa, following the terrorist attack in the hipster bar near Ramat Gan, in the Tel Aviv metro. The anchor woman correctly reported the incident, but with one glaring exception. She stated that the attack took place in “Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital city”. It is possible that I heard it wrong, and maybe it was “Israel’s largest city”…but that would be wrong also, because Jerusalem is still larger than Tel Aviv. When I emailed the station with a correction and even called the newsroom by phone, I got no response. None at all. Was this a silent attempt at pursuing an agenda of de-legitimization? Perhaps. News anchors are usually adept at checking and rechecking their copy before going on air. This news anchor is also the news director! It is her responsibility to practice accuracy and integrity. There was no correction.

It is clear we must speak out against these outrages. It is clear we must fight the evil of imposed solutions and attempts to force Israel onto a politically correct global dinner table. The world needs to stop serving lima beans and corn to a people that can’t swallow it.

I think from now on I’ll just eat the peas.

About the Author
Mitch is currently retired and an adjunct instructor at Western Iowa Technical Community College Sioux City Iowa USA.