MLK, Iran, and the New Racism

In connection with this week’s 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, pro-Israel activist Chloe Valdary joined with to produce a new video equating the fight against Jihad with the fight against racial injustice.

“We dreamed of a day when hatred and bigotry would end,” Valdary says. “Yet today, a New Racism is growing fast. At the hand of jihadists – like the Ku Klux Klan of 50 years ago – minorities are segregated, subjugated, and even executed for daring to disagree.”

This radicalization is spreading: today, 42% of young Muslims in France justify suicide bombings, and 40% of British Muslims favor Sharia law in the United Kingdom.

In America, Islamic terror hits close to home: the Boston Marathon bombing, young Americans traveling to fight for ISIS, Iran’s effort to blow up diplomats in Washington DC, and the too-quickly forgotten attacks of September 11.

In dozens of “Islamist communities” in the USA, such as Islamberg in upstate New York, radical Muslims receive guerilla warfare training.

Meanwhile, the fanatical Ayatollah of Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons – bullying others into submission, threatening global stability, and inciting genocide against the Jewish State.

Israel – the target of incessant attack and threats of annihilation – is once again the “canary in the coal mine,” signaling what will happen next if this New Racism is not stopped.

To defeat this New Racism, defenders of liberty must be prepared to match the extremists in their display of passion, bravery and fortitude.

Here’s how you can help:

(1) Raise awareness of the growing danger of violent Islamic extremism. Speak up in your community, write Congressional representatives, contact your local newspaper’s editorial board, raise the issue at your community center, school, and house of worship, etc.

(2) Join together and sign the petition demanding that world leaders take bold steps, using all available means to defeat this urgent threat.

(3) Share Chloe Valdary’s video widely.

We dreamed of the day when the innocent would always be protected. Let’s stop this lethal New Racism – before it spreads further out of control.

About the Author
Shraga Simmons is a foremost expert on media bias relating to the Mideast conflict. He holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas and served as the founding editor of His frontline experiences are chronicled in the acclaimed book, “David & Goliath: The Explosive Inside Story of Media Bias in the Mideast Conflict” (2012).