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Mme. Fortuna Takes Five

I laughingly used to call myself “Mme. Fortuna” whenever I made one of my psychic predictions (usually about politics) but I think I need to take a break.

Nothing I could have imagined comes close to the testimony today of two witnesses, IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and IRS Criminal Investigator, Joseph Ziegler who testified at the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing in the United States House of Representatives about the Biden family.

In a nutshell, the IRS spent years investigating Hunter Biden and his family and the payments of millions of dollars to them by interests in China, Russia, Ukraine and other foreign entities. Banks were so concerned with these transactions at the time that they filed Suspicious Activity Reports.The funds were transmitted by the payors to multiple foreign bank accounts and filtered through numerous limited liability corporations (LLCs).

Hunter Biden failed to register as a foreign agent as required by law. He likewise failed to declare millions of dollars in income.

Most incredibly, there is evidence that Joe Biden received payments while he was vice-president.

The IRS employees testified that the Biden family investigations were stalled, diverted and given special treatment and that Hunter Biden’s attorneys were “tipped off” about the IRS interest in searching Hunter Biden’s Northern Virginia storage locker that may have contained evidence. They were also blocked in their attempt to interview him in late 2018.

Mme. Fortuna is nonplussed but here goes.

1. President Obama, members of the Democratic party leadership in office and outside of office, the FBI, Department of Justice, IRS, etc., probably knew about the Bidens all along. Charging, prosecuting Joe Biden would have reflected badly on Obama and other Democrats as well as impacting future elections. If Republicans had not won the majority in the House of Representatives in 2022 and Hunter Biden had not left his laptop at the repair shop in 2019, none of the aforementioned would have been known to the public.

2. Now, we can understand why Democrats so feared Trump. He was an outsider, had never been a member of the D.C. swamp. What if he found out about the Bidens? They impeached him twice (did some of the people who impeached him and voted to convict him know about the Bidens?); spent $32 million dollars on a Mueller Report and millions more on the 1/6 hearings.

3. Biden probably ran for president at the age of 77 because he was persuaded/believed that it would be the best way to protect himself and his family. If the matters are pursued, he will probably pardon, himself, Hunter Biden, James Biden and perhaps Jill Biden for good measure.

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