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Retired yet working inventor

Modern wiser Inventors, Investors and Corporations

There is yet new wisdom for Modern Inventors & Investors as well as Corporations seeking to successfully commercialize yet new original innovations.

The past and at present options, most people look at, is using the Patent system as the first place to contact regarding new inventions you want to register or buy, but the markets have been acting in very different ways for few years, and the patent system has not been adjusted to these economic development condition — I call “The Shifting Cataclysmic Global Economy”.

Many years ago, as one of the founders of our regional inventors society, as the Government suggested for us to do, I was the 1st lobbyist as to what our members wanted and needed and the Government was listening and soon we found bureaucrats were doing what was in theirs interest more the ours as a group of new merging startups by Investors and Inventors.

As result, I did create a solution based on the help I had extended to the original 600 members, but by learning from the original experience I did not share with Government the key Trade-Secrets of the solution, because they did act as the 1st Pirate of what I have proposed — serving the Government interests and needs by taking the original ideas and using them without permission or full understanding of the secrets I did not share with the directors of the Government (Ministries).   The general description of the very far reaching proposal is actually found at two websites, one where there is no forum and the other where there are related forums which cover the industry.   When I am writing ‘far reaching’ I refer to the proposed “Global Taxation Treaty” part of the proposal which is yet futuristic, by as to the pre-patent pre-partnering basic process, it is actually and very successfully in use by my own company.

The Innovation process, starts from a discovery or need for improvement of existing product, service process, knowhow and even dreams or imagination, and just like most facts of life, from birth to maturity, the process takes time and investment and work, trying and testing and assuring it will add to the quality and safety of life and is needed and wanted plus useful and beneficial for many and most — and in this industry, some developments can take a long long time and some do not, so the need to be realistic as to the whole pre-commercialization and market introduction is selected as an important yet very neglected fact of truth in professionally succeeding with the innovation process.

Today, I think the success rate of the past has not improved, and it is still as sad that between 2%-4% and best 6% of the Global Market generating new patent-able arts are actually leading to the new economic development objective which is the basis for the granting of a patent to an inventor.  My old study of the prepatent prepartnering success potential is between 60% to 40% of the Global Market = a very significant improvement for the archaic half a millennium patent system.

Wiser, modern Inventors, Investors and Corporations

Wiser modern Inventors, Investors and Corporations will be adjusting theirs new and future business development to the vast market of between 2 million and 3 million new ideas which are generated each year in the world, if which more then half do show as new patent applications where about 10% do get published and only as much as few do reach the market within less the a year.  I hesitate from sharing the seemingly endless reasons we know there is a problem and many difficulties in taking your idea to market, as there is endless information on this problem, so I shall keep you focused on the better, safer, most economic and practical way which is as slow or as fast as your discovery to innovation and partnering for marketing naturally will take, in each case and industry.

While my proposed pre-patent registry (Which is not the Provisional Patent Application option the USA PTO had created) is not part of any Global National system, the option you have as The Inventor is being 1st to invent and 1st to file and 1st not to publish it you do have the proper needed commercial-partner for applying for the patent and having the original protection it offers.  The option you have as The Investor, is searching the www for opportunities within your expertise and investment interests.  The option you have as a corporation, is also searching the www and any information you can find on knowhow you need for your product line, and extended services.

When and if the Global Prepatent System Center is created, its automated computerized system for auctions and trading will find for you the WANT, NEED, HAVE you are searching for — and successful pre-patent trading and further safe registered new business development on each registered and monitored project can assure you success then you can now find anywhere in our world.

Please note: While few industries are extremely popular for investment and for marketing, these are only 3 of hundreds of other industries which do not get the attention but are as well important to the market and beneficial economic development of tools and trades and tools plus extending existing knowledge.

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Educated as Maritime Engineer in Israel and worked in Commercial Real-Estate Developments in Canada, and now retired in Israel, I am still running my private company which owns Advanced Hulls' Design technologies and Universal Automation by Super Natural Languages capabilities for Nomadic in-cell manufacturing.
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