Modest Fashion: Leave the measuring tape aside

Our world is a world that measures everything. Everything we do gets a one, two, three or even four digit number. Life is good that way. It makes things easier for us to understand and achieve. We measure how much sugar goes in a cake, we measure how much time it takes us to get to our next destination, we read reviews for products that are star-rated, and more.

I believe that despite all this, there are things in life that no matter how hard we try, one could never measure.

The famous tale of a girl who went to Ulpena (girls’ religious highschool in Israel) is the same one told for generations. I’m sure you’ve heard it, and if not, allow me to carry on the tradition. It’s the tale of the educator (some say it was the teacher, others suggest it was the school principal), measuring sleeve lengths and skirt lengths. Yes, measuring. Making sure they were 5 cm past the knee or elbow- or maybe 10 cm, depending on who told the story. The further the story gets from its origin, the amount of cm goes up. I personally heard a story where the girls were asked to come with an additional meter of skirt to cover up for modesty reasons.

The irony is that the next day the girl comes with the additional 5,10 or 100 cm but her shirt is super tight with the F word on it because it’s in cursive English, and she didn’t read it, as she was too focused on her measuring tape.

Why does this tale keep spreading among young girls and women? Because in our society, it is too common to judge a person according to the length of their sleeves and hems.

I believe that Modesty is a value. Yes, that’s what it is.

People value it differently; people use that word too often to create separate segments and levels of purity, spirituality and self-dignity. But wait, what happened to making a value something that instead would bring us together? What happened to embracing modest fashion, to understanding the deeper meaning, understanding our core value to dressing modestly and leaving the measuring tape aside?

Over the past few months I’ve been working on ModLi. I’ve been a witness to the way that modest fashion is something that spans across cultures and religions, the way that millions of women around the world dress modestly for religious reasons, for professional reasons and even for personal reasons. Yes, there are women out there who dress modestly because they believe in it- because to them it’s a value, a way of life.

I know that there are different ways to value it, and sometimes the measuring tape is needed but deep down inside we all know the measuring tape isn’t a pretty accessory to any fashionable outfit.

*ModLi is launching in less then 2 weeks, and is the first and only modest fashion marketplace to showplace modest fashion boutiques regardless of location, culture or religion. ModLi unites modest fashion designers of all different cultures in their desire to sell to women worldwide, and to strengthen the value of modesty, one woman at a time.

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