Mom’s the word

Kick up your heels, crocs, birkenstocks
Flip flops, nikes or plain ole feet;

Today’s the day where many moms meet
At that mighty mountain: Motherhood
So here’s my cyber-blessing maternal greet

Celebrate your family
Seize today, tomorrow, and thereafter
Fill your time with meaning, love, light and laughter

Marvel at the magnitude of multifaceted mom gifts
(Without us there’d be
little work for therapists).

About the Author
Chana holds an M.S. in Special Education. Her innovative poems, essays and lectures reflect two and a half decades of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. Chana's writing has been published on, as well as in The Canadian Jewish News, The Jewish Press, and AMI. As a longtime volunteer with the Friendship Circle, Chana was recognised by the Ontario Legislature for “bringing a smile to the faces of children with special needs.” Although Chana 's "heart is in the east" she currently lives with her with her family in Toronto.
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