Ron Diller

Morality vs Evil – Who Wins?

Israel is in the global spotlight confronting the political spectrums from the liberal left- and the conservative right parties. Hamas has no interest to make a deal but rather to use the hostages as pawns to control their outcome and reaffirm their power and control of Gaza. Israel cannot lose sight of this fact. Even families whose loved ones that are held hostage understand that Israel cannot give up its national security for the protection of its 9.1 million citizens.

Last night, Israeli media interviewed Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian ex-militant, born in Ramallah, a city 10km from Jerusalem, who defected to Israel in 1997. Mosab is the oldest of five brothers and three sisters. After 1997, he began working as an undercover agent for the Shin Bet until he moved to the US in 2007 seeking political asylum. His father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a co-founder of Hamas, spent many years in Israeli prisons.

Yesterday, Mosab was emphatic that Israel cannot fall into the Hamas trap is only a game and a bottomless black hole. In fact, he doesn’t believe that Hamas will ever release ALL the remaining hostages but rather let this carry on for years.  The only outcome he recommends is for Israel to fully execute and fulfill their military campaign to see the full defeat of Hamas so they’re no longer in Gaza.

While Haniyeh is sitting like a king in Qatar, under their protection, his colleagues and fellow Hamas terrorists in Gaza are living like rats on the run from place to place knowing full well that their demise by the IDF is moments away. They want a deal to be made so they can live rather than die like evil putrid souls, not like Martyrs, who do not deserve a funeral.

Here is what is so baffling. Israel provides the Haniyeh family with the first-class medical treatment while knowing he’s on the record saying, “Israel is a cancerous tumor that must be removed and uprooted.”  Haniyeh oversaw years of terror, launching of thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel, killing scores of civilians who’s a criminal/murderer/money launderer and on and on.

Haniyeh’s hatred for the Jews is because he falls prey to “Yetzer Harah” that has plagued his soul. The world now knows despite this sick mind, Israel stands on high moral ground and protects the lives of his family. This sounds insane and something unimaginable. We serve the words of Hashem and stand on the side of goodness. Those like Haniyeh, throughout 3,000 years of history, clearly show their short-term vision and ultimate demise.

Several of Haniyeh’s sisters are Israeli citizens who married Bedouins and live in Tel Sheva in the Negev. Recently, Haniyeh’s nieces gave birth to a premature baby in Soroka Hospital in Israel who was hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit. In October 2014, shortly after the end of Operation Protective Edge, one of Haniyeh’s daughters, then in her 20s, received emergency medical treatment at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. In November 2013, Haniyeh’s young granddaughter, was hospitalized in critical condition at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petah Tikva due to a serious illness in her digestive tract later died after returning to Gaza. Haniyeh’s mother-in-law was treated in a Jerusalem hospital. The wife of Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, was treated at Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv.

G-d willing Hashem will protect us and provide us the resilience and strength to remove Hamas/Gazan killers, possessors of Satan, to be permanently eradicated from Gaza who’ll no longer live near Israel. Once this is attained, this will send a strong message to Iran – the ones dictating this evil that their path will not prevail. Without their destruction, will just encourage terror groups to harm others in the world. We need strong leaders who cannot succumb to this destructive path who are able to see the vision and light at the end of tunnel. This is a game of strength, both mental and physical. Hamas is messing with the wrong people and soon they’ll see their finality – Bisrat Hashem.

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.