Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


So many people seem to be talking about Moshiach these days.

A friend called. We discussed Israel and rising antisemitism. And then he says, that what will save us now is Moshiach.

I’m noticing more articles talking about Moshiach, and mentioning that current events seem to indicate that Moshiach is close.

For two thousand years, Jews in exile have yearned for and believed in Moshiach’s imminent coming. As Maimonides writes, one of the fundamental beliefs in Judaism is to believe in the coming of Moshiach, and to anticipate every day that he can arrive (that day).

Iran is close to getting a bomb, China threatens Taiwan and Biden said the U.S. will defend Taiwan. Hezbollah keeps attacking Israel. Israel is engaged in destroying Hamas while many world leaders demand a ceasefire. The U.S. faces an election that potentially could undermine its democracy. As Russia battles Ukraine, Europe is concerned that Russia might attack them.

And the list goes on. To say that the world is facing unprecedented uncertainty and the possibility of upheaval is not far fetched. We are seeing a world that is shaky, and major changes seem to happen so quickly, from one day to the next.

So when my friend says that we need Moshiach, (and I don’t remember him expressing this thought so seriously in previous conversations over the past months and years), it makes me think that a lot of people, especially Jews, are feeling a lot of stress and pressure these days.

What will the time of Moshiach be like? The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught that it’s a time when people will see that G-d is Master of the world. We will be cognizant of His presence.

In today’s world of conflicting views, upside-down moral standards, and traumatic world events, a universal realization that G-d rules, and that we need to abide by His rules and standards of morality (as delineated in the seven Noahide laws that He told Moses at Mount Sinai to tell all the nations) will surely bring peace to the world.

So do we need Moshiach these days? It would definitely seem to be the order du jour. Just ask my friend.

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