Dov Ivry
Dov Ivry

Most Palestinians Are Descendants Of Jews

In 1956 the PM David Ben-Gurion sent Moshe Dayan with a rabbi to start giving lessons in Judaism to Bedouin in the Negev.

Was Ben-Gurion suddenly struck with missionary zeal?

He was just acting on knowledge that he and Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi, the president, has talked about for years. Most of what we now call “Palestinian Arabs” are descendants of Jews. Among the Bedouin that could reach 100 per cent.

Ben-Gurion’s efforts didn’t go anywhere but give him credit for the thought.

Tzvi Misinai, a software pioneer, who has devoted his life to assembling the facts on this issue, says that 90 per cent of Palestinian Arabs are descendants of Jews and 50 per cent know it.

This  would explain some curious phenomena.

When the Jordanians took over Judea and Samaria in 1948, they found no mosques there. King Hussein built the first one.

The Crusaders when they came here found that the Arabs here spoke Aramaic, not Arabic.

Both facts would be explained if most of the “Arabs” in this land were really former or crypto-Jews.

When the original Arabians invaded, the population was comprised of a majority of Greek-speaking Christians and a large minority of Aramaic-speaking Jews.

The Arabians did not colonize the Promised Land because they saw that this population was not hostile.

Skip ahead 400 years and a Shi’ite caliph in Egypt decided to forcibly convert everyone here to Islam. The Christians cleared out. Their numbers from that day to this have remained miniscule. The Jews remained and converted.

The decree was cancelled 30 years later but only a quarter of the Jews returned to practising Judaism openly. There was a practical reason for this and you can’t blame the others. Islamic society consisted of two classes of people, superiors and inferiors or “dhimmis.” The dhimmis were hit with confiscatory taxes and had no rights. Rather than impoverish themselves, those who remained technically Muslims, left well enough alone. But there was no Inquisition among the Muslims. No one was snooping on them. They continued speaking Aramaic and paying no more than lip service to Islam.

A traveller Rabbi Yitzhak Khilu in 1300 said he met many nomad Bedouin who were Jews. They had never left the country ever.

The DNA findings back this up. The Palestinian Arabs, who are descendants of Jews, are very close to Ashkenazi Jews in their gene makeup.

It’s interesting how Misinai comes up with 90 per cent. There are two categories, which he calls “Descendants of Israel” and “Brethren of Israel.” These “brethern” are descendants of Edomites and Moabites. But they had converted to Judaism way back and remained in the fold, so of course they count.

He’s got the makeup of the population broken down for every geographical sector. How he got these figures and how reliable they are I don’t know. We’ll focus on Judea and Samaria, not counting Jerusalem.

Misinai says the population of 2007 there breaks down as follows: Pop. 956,000

Descendants of Israel: 580,000 or 61 per cent.

Brethren of Israel: 259,000 or 27 per cent of which 158,000 Edomites and 101,000 Moabites.

Arabs 43,000 or 4.5 per cent.

Roman Army 44,000.

Christians from afar 24,000.

Kurds 6,000. (They came in with Saladin’s army.)

One clan is believed to be, going by their name and tradition, descendants of Bar-Kokhba.

Judaism is not a missionary religion. On the other hand redeeming the lost sheep as in the case of Falash Mura of Ethiopia is a time-honored tradition, as long as the initiative comes from those affected and is voluntarily.

This goes to the question of the future of Judea and Samaria. Annexation has not won majority support because of demographic fears — we could be swamped and the state would lose its Jewish character.

Yoram Ettinger, a former diplomat, is the main spokesman for the American-Israel Demographic Research Group, a team of three American and six Israeli researchers. They beat the drum for the claim that there is no demographic problem. The Israeli birthrate is rising and the Palestinian Authority statistics are inaccurate and not to be trusted.

He said, “Deliberate Palestinian misuse of statistics has resulted in unwarranted demographic pessimism and fatalism both in Israel and among Israel’s supporters. The key aim of this demographic manipulation has been to convince Israeli policymakers to hand over Judea and Samaria under the false assumption that it would be the only way to ensure an Israeli majority in Israel.”

“There is currently a solid, long-term, 66 per cent Jewish majority in the combined area of Judea, Samaria and pre-1967 Israel, benefitting from an unprecedented robust tailwind of Jewish fertility and immigration.”

If you add to that the fact that at least some of the Palestinian Arabs, who know that that their forebears are Jews, will want to rejoin their people, the demographic impediment to annexing Judea and Samaria is a chimera.

The annexation can be done piecemeal as well, starting with the sparsely populated Area C, which is under Israel’s control today. Digest that, and go on from there.

No new legislation in the Knesset is required for annexation. A law passed in 1967 is already on the books. All the cabinet has to do is implement it.

What is the alternative? There is none. We’ve been “negotiating” for 23 years and haven’t got to first base. This is not going to change. They are never going to get part of our capital Jerusalem nor the Jordan Valley. They are not going to obtain a sovereign state, rather a demilitarized satrapy, without control of air space or borders. That’s not good enough for them. Meanwhile the people there live under a tyrannical regime in which the elites get rich off this charade and the poor get nothing but a high unemployment rate. Human rights are unknown. Once annexed, the people are liberated. They will be given democracy, with freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, habeas corpus, and also, not to be sneezed at, opportunity, because they will be able to work everywhere.

The ordinary people there have no voice. All you hear as you did in Europe under the Communists from their rulers is how wonderful things are and how everyone supports the regime. That wasn’t true there and it isn’t true in Judea and Samaria.

Citizenship will be open to anyone affirming allegiance to the State of Israel. In previous annexations in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights only a minority has take up the offer but these people see themselves as having options. In Judea and Samaria the only option will be to pay the taxes and enjoy the social benefits or just pay the taxes.

A major benefit to Israel through annexation is that it can outlaw membership in terrorist organizations such as Hamas and this will make it much easier to control terrorist activities.

I’ve got all the details, if I am permitted to say so, in this book, “Judea And Samaria: It’s Time To Annex.”

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