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Mother of Eight Reinvents Baby Travel With Cindy’s Corners

Who dreads the packing of diaper bags? How many suffer from shoulder pain for carrying around these bags everywhere?

Let me introduce you to a new, convenient and cost-effective way to bring your baby needs anywhere, anytime.

    Meet Mommies On The Move
Photo: Mommies On The Move

I wish this product was around when I was the mother of a newborn. Esther Miller revolutionizes travel for mommies, grandmas and nannies.

The timing couldn’t be better as for the first time, Israel has a larger birth rate of Jewish babies compared to Arab ones, although this package is perfect for them too!

I recently spoke to Esther Miller, creator of the Mommies on the Move business about how she came up with this innovative way to travel with newborns and children wearing diapers.

Tell us about your new product?
Mommies on the Move is a product which has specific items chosen and grouped together as packets which are necessary for the care of a baby and toddler.  Our rollout packet is for diaper changing.  It consists of 2 diapers, 2 diaper table liners, 10 wet wipes, 2 types of diaper ointment and 2 packets of hand sanitizer.

Photo: Mommies On The Move

What makes this product unique?
Nothing similar to this product exists.  When a mom, dad or other caregiver is away from home and in need of these products, they’re forced to either take from another family or if they’re near a store, they must buy many more than they need and drag those around for the duration of the trip.

What is your background?
I opened a boutique in 2011 which specializes in high end baby clothing and accessories.  I operated that store for nine years. I recently sold the store in order to focus on my new venture.

Personally, I also a mom of eight, that made me the best consumer for my product.

Who is your customer?
All moms, dads and caregivers of infants and and toddlers.

Where can we find the products?
At this time, our convenience bag is available online at through a link on Instagram @mommiesonthemove_ and at The Children’s Museum of Manhattan.  We’re looking forward to having these packs available in airports, amusement parks cruises, etc

Any tips on baby trends you foresee:

More items to ease the job of parents and caregivers.  With most families having two working parents, more disposable income exists to purchase these convenience items.

You owned a store on Long Island that featured furniture, layettes and baby needs. Can people still reach out to you for nursery decor and gift ideas?

They can always ask for ideas and I’m very happy to advise based on my experience both in the store and as a mom.

I’ll also be offering, as part of Mommies on the Move, gift packages of 5 or 10 packs. This was a recommendation from a mommy blogger as a great baby shower gift!

How has the non Jewish world reacted to your original creation?

Non-Jewish moms and Jewish moms want the same thing, happy babies. I’d have to say that across the board everyone has had the most positive and encouraging reaction to this new product that I could have hoped for!

Cindy Grosz is a Jewish activist who promotes projects, products and awareness to everything Israel and of international Jewish concern. She represents celebrity spokespeople who speak up for and about Israel. She is also a contributor and Co-host on The Jersey Joe Show 710AM WOR, Sunday nights at 7 EST, or available anytime, anywhere through iHeart Radio.

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Cindy Grosz is an accomplished activist for pro-Israel and Jewish interests. She writes about “Everything Jewish” and has appeared in multiple media outlets. She is a Contributor on The Jersey Joe Radio Show on WOR710AM, syndicated through iHeartRadio. Grosz is the author of Rubber Room Romance, Everything You Need to Know and Ask About the Education System. Cindy Grosz is an Advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump 2020. She can be found on social media at @cindyscorners, as well as at
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