Chavi Feldman
Chavi Feldman

Moving backwards in time…

There is a famous quote that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. There is also a famous quote about being unable to see the forest for the trees. I’m currently watching a new television series called Underground. It’s a historically driven drama about the Underground Railroad focusing on one plantation in the south and both the African American slaves and the white men who owned them. I’ve watched many movies and read many books about this subject, but it never fails to shake me to my core that human beings could treat other human beings like possessions and property solely based on their color. While the whites, during this dark and embarrassing time in US history, weren’t interested in totally eradicating people of color – they were a profitable commodity and enabled the south to get rich off of slave labor – they wanted to live in a world where publicly they only had to mingle with their own kind. White and privileged.

As a Jew, it obviously draws parallels to the Third Reich, and the way the Nazis treated the Jews and other “undesirables” as anything other than humans. Unfortunately, there are so many other instances in history, both long past and more recent, that one group of people decide to eradicate another group of people simply because of their differences. That instead of bonding over similarities or tolerating and even celebrating the differences, they decide their world could do without, so let’s just get rid of them altogether. ISIS is doing this all over parts of Europe, spreading this plague of intolerance and hatred for others for no other reason than the fact that these people they decide are “undesirables” are not Muslim fanatics.

Palestinian leadership demands that Israel give over complete control of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to them. And that it should be Jew-free. And for some bizarre reason, the international community has not jumped up in outrage. They did, however, jump up in outrage when Benjamin Netanyahu called the Palestinian demand as ethnic cleansing.

It’s mind boggling. And proves that the democratic leaders of this world are officially insane. To criticize Netanyahu for calling a spade a spade and then not attacking Palestinian leaders for their unbelievable and shocking demand is proof of a world gone crazy.

More than 600,000 US soldiers died in the civil war between Union and Confederates, as the south desperately tried to hold onto their slaves and the northerners tried to abolish slavery, sending the US into complete turmoil for many many years. So clearly, that experiment of ethnic cleansing did not work. More than 6 million Jews and other “undesirables” died in the Holocaust, so clearly that notion of ridding the world of Jews and “undesirables” didn’t work either. And the countless other wars that have left nothing but destruction and death in their paths.

Ironically, while the world points a finger at us and calls us evil occupiers in addition to a whole host of other name-calling, you cannot walk in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa or many many other cities in Israel without coming into contact with Israeli Muslims. They live as citizens, vote as citizens, shop and sell as citizens, receive medical care and the same benefits as every citizen in this country, Jew and non-Jew alike. So while the numbers of Jews living in Arab countries has dwindled to almost nothing in the last 75 years due to the brutality of the Muslims aimed at the Jewish communities that once thrived there, Israeli Muslims enjoy democratic freedoms they would definitely not be allowed to enjoy in most (if not all) of the Arab countries in the Middle East. And now we are supposed to give back more land in this stupid two-state solution (which is the exact opposite of a solution and more like a never-ending problem) and then face expulsion from our own homes, stop building in our communities and settlements and, have you, by the way, seen the size of our country?

We are not liked. Universally. I don’t get it, don’t understand it and never will. But ok; it is what it is. We have always been an industrious people with a mind towards leaving a better tomorrow in our fading footsteps. We care about people, about curing illness and disease, about discovering new things and sharing them with the world around us. We care about our elderly, about our youth and about our soldiers. We care about the world around us and those suffering in it by sending volunteers to help rebuild after earthquakes and other natural disasters. And we don’t only help our own. We help every one that is in need regardless of color, religion or beliefs. We have always and forever have wanted nothing but the right to live in peace, to build homes and schools and houses of prayer for our people. The world voted for our right to live in our land and to prosper and grow and bloom. And while we are far from perfect, we have NEVER thrown a group of people out of it based on their color, religion or beliefs unless they were a threat to our right to live as free Jews in a Jewish country.

And yet, somehow, we are the bad guys.

Yes, this is a world gone mad.

About the Author
Chavi Feldman has a degree in graphic design and advertising and works primarily as a music teacher. She has lived in Israel for more than two decades.