It is not every day that one decides to ‘up stakes ‘ and move over a vast distance. However that is exactly what I have done and in so doing have learnt many lessons about myself !

Not the least of which is the humbling realization that though the contents of one’s life may fit into 43 boxes one’s life is about more than that !

Feeling sorry for myself, it dawned on me that one is more than one’s possessions ! Is it possible that Hashem and the Prophets got it right ?

Spending days sorting through 900+ books to determine which ones one could live without brought home the awful truth that one needed them more than they needed one’s message.

Family and offspring are more important than possessions and how one has communicated that simple truth is a sobering reality.

As a frequent visitor to Israel I hope that I have not also erred in this regard. Israel and the many friends one has made there over the years are of an uncalcuable worth.

How we communicate that is an entirely different story !



About the Author
Yonatan Michael Curry is retired Canadian Public servant who has been a frequent traveler to Israel since 2003. With an interest in daily life and its associated values he brings a fresh, observant and unbiased view on various aspects of Israeli daily life. And not without a bit of humour. Though he has never rented a car while there Yonatan has travelled the length and breadth of Israel.