Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington: a Constitutional primer for the current Administration.

I won’t start off by apologizing for the antics of the current President of the US, as John Wayne said “never apologize…it makes you look weak.” Needless to say each day’s news reports on the latest hissy-fit from the White House makes most of us want to hide in a dark room until it’s 2016.

But on a positive note, “welcome to Washington, Mr. Netanyahu!” You are no stranger here and are among real friends. You studied with distinction (under your own name, not an assumed one) and worked hard in Boston in the competitive field of consulting and took that experience back to Israel and put it to excellent use and Israel has benefited immensely.

I read with great satisfaction Mr. Pomerantz’s article on the Netanyahu visit and Mr. Pomerantz’s points are well stated and taken in his expert assessment of the situation. But I wonder if any sense of conscience still exists at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the State Department. From calling The Caliphate the “JV” to the piecemeal, pickup bombing attacks on 7th century Jihadists, to abandoning Christians and Muslim minorities to beheadings, forced marriage and sale of seven year old girls, all to not “offend” a brutal, dedicated world-conquest bent ideology, I just don’t know where the conscience went. Our State Department “spokespersons” fumble and dodge direct and pertinent inquiries. The Secretary of State brings a folk singer to a hug session in Paris after the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo, and blames Israel for being attacked by murderers and rioters. The conscience is still out on the golf course between beheadings and bombings, I fear.

Please don’t believe the mainstream media, or “press-titutes” as we in the AM (Alternate Media) call them. They have been bought and paid for in advance and get their directions from the White House daily on what to say. Here’s the scoop. Americans are very, very concerned about a nuclear armed Iran. That nation has vowed to wipe the United States (the Great Shaitan) and Israel (the Little Shaitan) off the map and from human memory. They have developed the weapons technology to do it. Their current missiles can reach Israel easily, it isn’t rocket science (pardon the obvious pun) to see that a missile or two or three could be carried on a container ship, cruise off the East or West Coast of the USA and launch a crude nuclear warhead which could cause a hemisphere-wide EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse).That would end all digital, electric, electrical activity in the US, Canada and probably Mexico. Although this issue has been brought up before our Government and industry, we’re still blissfully pushing buttons, texting and Facebooking. Besides we have to prepare for the Climate Change that is the greatest enemy we have ever faced (besides invaders from Mars). Iran is a largely Western educated nation with access to highly talented scientists who are at this moment finishing off the first warheads. Time is on their side while they polish the metal on the nukes. You know that, Mr. Netanyahu and so do we citizens.

I must admit to a grudging respect for Mr. Bohner, Speaker of the House, who finally made his move to assert the choices made by the voters in the last National election. The Congress of the United States is a Co-Equal branch of Government with the Executive and Judicial. It is not a pyramid. It is not an empire. It is not even a democracy. That’s right, we are not as democracy. The United States is a Republic. We elect representatives to act in our stead. They are to be informed, active and “preserve , protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…” The Founders knew that not all citizens would work to be informed on policy, tax and international issues. They were farmers, tradesmen, sailors and merchants and would delegate someone with the skill and time to act as their representative. A democracy is prone to a mob rule, herd and popularity-based decision making process. Shifts in the wind cannot make for good government. In today’s media-tainment culture a democracy is a suicide pact. Hancock, Jefferson, Franklin and Washington knew that. We are in their eternal debt.

The Congress realizes that the current administration is actively promoting a prejudiced, slanted and dangerous pro-Iran and Islamic agenda. Their willing accomplices the media are helping. Israel has withstood years of attacks, wars, terrorist tactics and stabs in the back by “friends”. Mr. Netanyahu knows this and the Congress knows he knows. The Congress is to advise and consent on treaties. They are responsibly asking for the best advice on how to do their job when a treaty is proposed by the Administration on Iran. They are under no obligation whatsoever to ask permission of the Executive Branch on whom they may invite to address them in any session. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America, regarding Presidential powers and responsibilities, states clearly: “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.” This is not an executive order situation or decree in anyone’s opinion.It is amazing that someone whom the media refers to as a Professor of Constitutional Law at his alma mater is so astoundingly ignorant of how that document actually works. Whose Constitution did you study sir, Indonesia’s or Kenya’s ?

As a citizen of a Constitutional Republic I earnestly thank Mr. Netanyahu for sharing Israel’s experience with its long term daily confrontations with Islamic hostilities, a nuclear threat from Iran and sharing your courage with us. And if you have some time, your friends in Idaho would be honored to shake your hand !

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