Mr. President, stop demonizing opponents of your Iran Nuclear Deal, especially thoughtful Democrats

Let’s get real here…Those of us who are objecting to the Iran deal are objecting on POLICY Basis and are trying our very best not to make it personal about the President and the Democrats.

Many of us in opposition are, in fact, lifelong Democrats and have spent time with our Democrat representatives in the Congress knowing many are agonizing over the real poor details of the deal and their loyalty to the party and their president. It is a rock and a hard place situation our president has put them in.

I am writing this because one senior official in the Democratic Party, an old high school friend, wrote to me and asked me why I thought opposing the deal was heroic and worthy of a “profile in courage.”

Well, the fact is that the President and the Party Leadership from Biden, to Kerry, to Clinton, to Pelosi and perhaps through Sanders and others has made this personal, both public and privately, and has let Democrats know that there will be a price to be paid for opposing the bill.

The President accuses opponents of the accord for spreading misinformation and siding with the Republicans and the Irani hardliners. The President acknowledges that that this is the be best deal possible and while he says it falls short of his initial goals, it is a good deal. He distorts the effect of the bill by saying it eliminates the possibility of Iran having a nuclear weapon, ever. By all objective accounts, that simply is not true.

He indicates that the inspections are excellent while not telling the American people that an as yet unrevealed side deal between the IAEA and Iran has evolved and that Iran has insisted it provide the samples it wants to provide and that there be no American inspectors on any team.

While I fully appreciate the necessity of the president to call out Republican partisan knee-jerk opposition to the bill, I think it’s wrong for him and his proxies to question the patriotism, integrity, motivations, mental health status and courageous, well-thought through decisions many of us, including Democratic legislators, have had to make to oppose the bill. Also, singling out Israel for opprobrium for opposing the bill is simply throwing Israel under the bus with the American people. Many Arab and Gulf states are opposed to this deal but are reluctant to go public on this for fearing to be siding with Israel. Saudi Arabia, however, to its credit has spoken out against the deal.

Furthermore, the President suggests that those of us who are opposing the bill are warmongers, as he falsely believes that we believe that war is the only alternative to this agreement. This is not so with many experts agreeing that continued sanctions, even if unilateral can bring Iran back to the table. Mr. President, no one wants war.

However, with Iran’s economy being restored and with its capability to purchase more arms, develop its nuclear program, even though a bit delayed, foster terror in the region and engage in genocidal and hegemonic acts and rhetoric in the region, this is a bad deal. So let’s get real here. This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats, This is about a bad deal. There is a real difference of opinion.

The President in making it personal, is inviting a fight that will only divide this nation further and place in jeopardy the lives of its citizens and those of our allies. The fact that there is such real division over this deal is evidence enough that it is not a deal with which America and her allies can be secure.

The President’s scolding and anger with the opposition is only losing support for his administration. He may win a battle here, but he is losing a war as he prepares to leave office. The American people deserve better. Please like and share if you agree and let’s not encourage those who engage in the divisive behaviors of demonizing one another.

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Retired College Professor, President Emeritus & Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Founding Publisher and Editor Kol Central Pa; Philadelphia JCRC; Academic Engagement Network, Residing in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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