Muslim Rage has Nothing to do with a Silly Video

Recently I’ve been getting angry and frustrated. Every time I see the words Muslim, rage, and video juxtaposed in a sentence my blood starts to boil. The ‘Rage of the Muslims’ has nothing whatsoever to do with the silly film posted on on YouTube that well over half the rioting Muslims cannot understand. No, the Muslims are raging because they want to.

The first reports about the rage being connected to this film came shortly after the planned Libya embassy attack. That the attack came on the anniversary of the attack on the twin towers seems to have mysteriously slipped by all the reporters. Well newsflash! When haters celebrate they rage. This was seen during the Medieval Christian’s holidays: pogroms coincided with Christmas and Easter more often than other times throughout the year.

Today we see this during Ramadan. I know whenever Ramadan comes around to brace myself for some vicious, upscaled attack (Ramadan this year was around July 20th). So for me Muslim rage was to be expected particularly around this time.

Then, come September 11 and the situation exploded in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and other Arab countries. Results varied between a mere blip on the radar screen and the very visible death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

Why are they raging? It’s simple enough to pretend its about a movie; and when the President of the United States gives the claim legitimacy who are they to argue? But the real reason is that rioting is fun. The rioters can get caught up in the crowd and break stuff all under the ‘legitimate claim’ of anger at the desecration of Mohammed’s name. There are books written about the phenomena. I’m not going in depth here.

My co-blogger Dov Lieber just put up a post describing his experience because of this ‘Muslim rage about the film.” Unwittingly, he proves my point (forgive me Dov, in advance, if I’m twisting your words).

There was a quick stumble over English before one of the boys answered,”It’s a movie about Mohammad.”

Another boy quickly kicked up,smacked his friend on the shoulder,and passionately corrected him: “No! It’s a protest against the movie about Mohammad.

The boys are fighting over what they are fighting about. I would expect a strong, hasty anger in response. Something like “The insult against Mohammed!” Certainly no stumbling should have been evident.

What really insulted me, however, was the person who came to Dov’s defense when he was attacked, verbally, for being American.

One of the older taxi drivers standing in earshot gave the young taxi driver a look of disapproval, and then smiled at me. “Go and takes pictures,” he said.

In short, the message I got was that Americans are dumb enough to listen to them, ignore their hatred, and take pictures; parroting what they were told to the rest of the world.Tell me, am I wrong? The Jihadists who attacked IDF soldiers as they gave water to dehydrated refugees certainly seem to have thought so.

So I’m upset when I see the not-so-spontaneous protests that supposedly have legitimacy in the claim of an insult to Mohammed being given that legitimacy without question. Unlike the Muslims, I have a right to be angry.

About the Author
Meir received a BA in Political Science from Lander College for Men and an MA in Politics and Government from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He a recent Oleh who loves Israel: faults and all.