My Brother, My Enemy

Let me begin by stating that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. There is no dispute or argument from my side regarding this fact. As Jews, we have a Gd-given right to every inch of this land, and we should be allowed to live anywhere in the land that we choose without fear of terrorism or death. Terrorism needs to be dealt with harshly and promptly.

The Arab peoples were also given by the Almighty an enormous amount of land in the Middle East. They are not entitled to Israel.

What I am about to discuss is controversial at best, and some might find it heretical, but it is a topic that needs to be addressed.

That being said, we have a gigantic problem on our hands. Not only the physical one that presents itself daily, but a deeper spiritual problem that cannot be resolved easily. There is a spiritual tremor that is shaking the upper worlds which is physically manifesting itself down here on earth as incitement, hatred, and war. The key to understanding what we are witnessing is to know that these manifestations are merely the result of a battle that is being waged in the spiritual realm. When we fully understand this, a completely different picture will emerge.

If it was as simple as Arab against Jew, it might be easier to resolve. But as you will see the situation is much more complicated.

One Shabbat day I made an impromptu visit to my friend’s house to visit with her and her guests. I didn’t know what made me get up and go, but I was compelled. I visited with old friends and made new ones. As we sat and talked for a couple of hours, I learned something new that I had heard of before, but had thought was a rumor or wishful thinking. It wasn’t. There is a “dirty little secret” that our region has been hiding. For many years we have heard that the Arab nations secretly despise the Palestinians because they are lowest in the caste system. From what I learned today, this is may not be the truth. There is a deeper spiritual reason.

Following the Al Aqsa Intifada of 2000 a man by the name of Tsvi Yekhorin Misinai gave up his career as a computer scientist, founded The Engagment and began to conduct intensive research into finding the common genetic roots of Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Arabs including some Bedouin tribes.  His curiosity would become his life’s mission.  In 2001, a researcher at Hebrew University by the name of Ariella Oppenheim, PhD conducted a genetic study which showed  many Palestinians had Jewish lineage and many of them share the same chromosome as the Kohanim.  How is this possible?  How did it happen?  It is believed that after the destruction of the Second Temple, only the elite of the Jewish people were exiled while the Jews who lived in the countryside were allowed to remain in the land in order to supply Rome with grain and olive oil.

We find stories regarding Jewish residents of destroyed Israel dating as far back as 1012 CE where 90% of Jews, Samaritans (also of Hebrew origin), and Christians who also came from Jewish lineage, were forced, at the point of a sword, to convert to Islam.

Now, that is a long time ago, but its spiritual ramifications are being felt today. In 1044, the edict was rescinded by the Caliph, Caliph Al Mustansir of Cairo, and only about 27% of the forced converts returned to openly practice their Judaism. Many just led double lives. Today we have a high percentage of Palestinians who can trace their roots directly to Jewish ancestors.

Ben Gurion said the following: “A lot of Jewish blood runs in the veins of these farmers. They loved the Land of Israel so much that they gave up their religion for it. It is only because they were forced to choose between the land or their religion that they chose the land.” There are Bedouin grandmothers outside the city of Hevron who say that they remember being taught certain Jewish customs that they practice to this day, such as lighting Shabbat candles and lighting candles at gravesites. The Arab village of Sachnin up until 200 years ago was a Jewish village, but under Ottoman/Turkish rule the people were forced to convert to Islam.

Please understand that according to Halachah, much of the lineage may have been broken due to intermarriage, but in other cases it may still be intact.

Why is this information important? How does it affect us today? Is there a correlation between our common lineage and the insanity that we are witnessing today? Could there be something going on in the spiritual realms that is much bigger than we realize? Could there actually be another spiritual war being waged in the upper worlds in addition to the one that we are currently fighting? The answer to all these questions is, YES!

From what I understand regarding the above information, the spiritual war is not just against the people of Israel who are obviously Jewish, but also against those who are unaware of their Jewish roots. The war is one of trickery. What is the true essence of a Jewish soul? The true essence of a Jewish soul is to love the following: Gd, the Land of Israel, their people and the Torah.  What are many of these Palestinians fighting for? “Their” land, “their” Gd, and “their” people. But, they don’t know who they are, so they are fighting a backwards battle. While their minds have been blinded to the truth,  their neshamot (souls) are crying out,  because they are fighting against the very thing that their neshamot are fighting for.

These particular Palestinians with Jewish genetic ties are fighting against themselves and their true nature. When they fight so fiercely for the Temple Mount, they believe that they are defending it from the infidels who, in their distorted perception, seek to destroy their Al Aqsa Mosque. In reality, their neshamot are crying out to defend it to be used for its true purpose, the Beit HaMikdash. This is the major spiritual confusion and blindness that has gripped these people.

Who exactly is waging this war? Amalek. I wrote about Amalek before, but now I would like to reiterate exactly who Amalek is and what he does. Amalek was an actual Middle Eastern tribe and is spoken about in Jewish and Arab traditions. Amalek was blood-thirsty and preyed on the weak and vulnerable. Does this sound familiar today? It should. The spiritual lineage of Amalek is alive and well today and he still preys on the weak. Amalek especially hated the Jewish people and sought to destroy them. Amalek lives on in the Arab leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The leaders do not care about their own people, but instead take their money to build for themselves large homes and fill their peoples’ minds with lies of glory and heaven if murder and martyrdom are achieved. They encourage young people to throw away their futures by teaching them to commit suicide bombings and violent stabbings against Jews. What these young people don’t realize is that they very well might be killing their own people.

So Amalek “kills two birds with one stone.” Amalek manages to kill Jews by the hand of Muslim Arabs who do not know that they could also be Jewish. Stop and process that. Amalek kills with a double-edged sword. He blinds the natural spiritual instinct of the neshamah and turns it against itself and its people by making it fight against the very thing that it thinks it’s fighting for. So, what if these terrorists have been tricked into believing the biggest lie that Amalek could come up with, which is to make them think that they are Arabs. In doing so, Amalek has twisted the true intention of their souls to fight for a people that isn’t theirs against a people that really is their brethren. Death, destruction, poverty and sorrow are the gifts that Amalek leaves as his mocking laugh can be heard in the spiritual realms.

What about the “pure” Arab nations? Do they sense on a spiritual level that there is something “different” about these Palestinians? Is that why they fight so fiercely to keep them in Israel?

Many of these Palestinians know the truth. Many of them have last names that are clearly NOT Arabic, but are Jewish. But what are they to do? Maybe many don’t care, maybe many are unknowingly caught in between two spiritual worlds, fighting a losing battle. Some Palestinians are controlled by Amalek to fight against those who possess different spiritual roots. They both seem to be fighting a common enemy, Israel, but in fact, they are fighting each other. Amalek is pitting one group against the other in an effort to destroy all of humanity.

Now is the time for a massive spiritual awakening among all people in Israel. If we as Jews are going to rise to our true calling as a “light among the nations,” we need to be the people that Gd wants us to be, to live by the Torah and complete our mission. It is up to us to bring about world peace, but we can’t do that until we accept who we are and what Gd expects from us. We can’t cure others if we are ill. How can we lead others to the light if we are stumbling in darkness?

This information should serve as a wake-up call for our people. Step back from your physical lives and see the spiritual battle that is being waged. How do we awaken the Palestinians who have Jewish lineage when we ourselves are in deep slumber? How do we fight Amalek and free people from its evil grip? How can we all spiritually wake up and march hand in hand toward the Final Redemption?

Don’t forget that the Beit HaMikdash is a “house of prayer for ALL nations.” The goal and the dream is that one day all the nations of the world will stream up to the “Mountain of Gd” (Har HaBayit/The Temple Mount) to worship the One True Gd. Don’t you want to make this dream a reality?

Ask yourself: “What can I do to make a difference?” Explain the spiritual dilemma to friends of all backgrounds.   Slowly, we will see an awakening. Amalek must be exposed. By no means does this message mean that I’ve become weak or soft towards those who perpetuate evil. No! We must continue to fight and remain vigilant, because Amalek is still strong and is looking to destroy everyone in its path, but we must also be aware of the spiritual battle that is being waged, and seek to enlighten and awaken those who are open and willing to listen to the truth.

Now, comes the question: How will peace come? Peace will not come until the Palestinians of Jewish descent realize—not just with “head knowledge,” but with an “open heart knowledge”—who they really are and that we could be brothers.  A sifting process must occur to separate Amalek from among those who desperately seek peace.

This may very well be one of the keys that could unlock the door to the Final Redemption. Amalek’s lies must be exposed and the mask stripped off, in order to set the people free. When the world screams: “Free the Palestinians; stop the occupation!” What they are REALLY saying: “Free the people from Amalek!” Listen to the deeper meaning of the screams for help. They are the screams of the soul of mankind yearning for the Final Redemption.

I thought passed through my mind when I first learned about this topic.  “On our way out of Israel into the longest exile in our history, we didn’t turn around to see who was left behind. Now, 2000 years later we meet on the same land from where we were exiled.”

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Chava lives in Ma'ale Adumim with her children. They made Aliyah four years ago. Chava is an English teacher and a children's program director at a local school.