My Doctor gave me important advice on mobile phones

Having come on Aliya more than a year ago, I went to see my doctor for my annual check up.  He asked me what mobile phone I was using. I was expecting a lecture on radiation risks etc.  but instead his advice was that if I had my contract for more than a year I should immediately change to another provider!  Unusual medical advice but he explained the reasons.  

And sure enough when I got home I analysed my phone bills.  I know, I know, I should be doing it every month but my Ivrit is not that good yet.  Lo and behold our bills had rocketed up by 100s of shekels each month during the last three, including my wife’s and my grandson’s.  When we queried it with the phone company they said I had ordered a  package giving me 10 free music download a month,  and 10 free games and unlimited downloading of films.  Needless to say, absolutely untrue. I wouldn’t even know how to download a music track to my Blackberry!
The chap at the end of the phone told me everything was recorded and he would check.  A few days later he phoned and said they would refund the charges for all three phones, for three months, I.e. a mere 900 Shekel.  He admitted we had not ordered the service, but when I asked to hear the recording to see if there was even a conversation at all, he refused.  Thank you doctor for this medical diagnosis.
BTW. The massively increased bill was also due to foreign calls.  Free foreign calls were included in the original contract, one reason why we chose this deal a year ago. But the chap told me that came to an end three month ago.  Nobody told us, but he would not budge on refunding these.  So I have now followed the medical advice and switched phone company.  I hope this phone charging virus is not spreading throughout the country, but check your own bills.  ROI.
When living in the UK we sometimes referred to the old country as ROB, but ROI
About the Author
The author came on Aliya in 2013, bringing years of experience developing medical software applications with him. The aim of his work is to empower and motivate patients. Before that, for many years he developed both consumer products in the UK, built one of the first joint venture factories in China, and helped develop Jewish schools in London.