My Growing Fear


I’m really afraid.

I am afraid of the evil waves that are hitting our country and the world.

I am afraid that hate has become acceptable, a new American value.

I am afraid that so many people are destroying things instead of building things.

I am afraid that our Attorney General had to even ask, “When did it become okay to destroy a Federal Building?”.

I am afraid that speaking one’s moral convictions can get you fired and shunned.

I am afraid that people can be erased.

I am afraid that a role model for so many would use the funeral service of a great American to insert divisive political views.

I am afraid that our top leader can’t be a role model for my kids because he’s so brash and seems to enjoy picking fights.

I am afraid that double standards are now acceptable. What happened to treating everyone equally?

I am afraid that it’s just fine to demonstrate and riot in larger groups unmasked and without distancing, but to go to church or synagogue, with safety regulations, is not.

I am afraid that there are no longer facts. Do you surf the internet to find the truth? Why would we expect that “Fact Checker” sites do not have their biases and agendas?

I am afraid that the most populous nation in the world has an agenda, and it’s not about getting along with us.

I am afraid as a Jew that so much evil is being unleashed on my people, and our society condones it with its silence.

I am afraid that comedy is being silenced, and that no one can hear a joke and not be offended.

I am afraid that I’m questioning my lifelong optimism.

I am afraid that the other guy isn’t taking the Coronavirus seriously.

I am most afraid that we’ll never find a cure for any of this and that fear will become the new normal.



About the Author
Jay Tenenbaum is a former corporate marketing executive and Jewish non-profit professional. A lifelong humorist with adult onset ADHD, he's dabbled in hundreds of things as a stand-up comic, a professional team mascot, a sweet potato farmer, tornado survivor, murder trial witness, professional stage play Producer and volunteer driver for Walter Mondale during the '88 Democratic Convention. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, two children and a dog that the kids think they're getting.