My Heart Is Broken

In this season of the “Three Weeks*” it is particularly painful to repeatedly suffer murder and aggression that  is being twisted to making Israel and the Israeli people the culprits.

עיני, עיני ירדה מים-איכה

My eyes are weeping endless tears- Eicha*

Just a few days ago I posted an article on Times of Israel describing the arson perpetrated by Muslim terrorists and the how the government had has endeavored to protect and help the survivors to rebuild. Since I am acquainted with the Rosenbluh family, I called them this morning and caught Dr. Michael Rosenbluh, waiting for the funeral of the three murder victims from the Solomon family to commence.

I asked where the home of the Solomon’s was located and learned that it stood about half a block from the Rosenbluh house and ten of the other 18 houses that were burnt out last Thanksgiving Day weekend. The penny dropped as they say. This area, like most Israeli communities in this part of the country, is easily accessible from the main road and this fact is taken advantage of by those who seek to murder and destroy.

I’ll never forget the first time that I took a general course on Islam. There I was introduced to the terms  “Dar el Islam” and “Dar el Harb.” They mean the House of Islam and the House of War. Simply put, this means that the world is divided into two categories namely Islam and all others who are Islam’s foes by definition. Maybe this is the explanation for the subtitle of Islam as the “Religion of Peace” meaning that peace only reigns within the Muslim world. And as we all know, the carnage between professed Muslims today puts the lie to that explanation.

This simple understanding of the viewpoint of the Muslim world should rip the blinders from Western governments who continuously and uselessly seek to find a “magic formula” meant to achieve a lasting peace between Israel and those living in Judea and Samaria. At the moment, all we can do is try to contain them so they cause as little damage as possible. May these last three people be the last needlessקרבנות*  – sacrifices – for peace.

Explanation of Terms

Eicha- The Scroll of Lamentations written by the Prophet Jeremiah lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem and the second Holy Temple

The Three Weeks – a period of mourning that lead into Tisha B’Av when both Holy Temples were destroyed and whose destruction is still viewed as a national catastrophe

About the Author
Sura Jeselsohn has a background in science and is an avid gardener. Her weekly column, Green Scene, is published in the Riverdale Press.