My interview with American diplomat Dr. Keith Noble.

Being a sports radio talk show host certainly has its perks. I have interviewed some of the most famous and influential people in the world. Recently I was hired to be a talk show host on to be the sports guy. Now, this station does discuss current events, the arts, and of course because this is Israel, it discusses politics. I try not to mix sports and politics on my show, but it’s only a matter of time. After all a professor in college once told me “Politics is sports without the ball.” We see sports has an influence with politics all the time. After Curt Schilling (former guest of mine) won the World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 he campaigned with George W. Bush in his re-election bid. We also see how sports prevents wars. Every 4 years when the world cup comes around, countries actually make agreements not to fight each other so they can watch the games. There are countless examples of how sports affects politics, but I conducted an interview which was a little bit of an inverse to this. This interview was with Dr. Keith Noble, who is currently living in Israel as a diplomat of the United States. In addition to Dr. Noble’s high stature in the political world, he is an athlete. He played college football, where he was a walk-on at the prestigious football program of Ohio State University. When Dr. Noble came to Israel in his mid 30’s, he assumed his football career was by far in his rear-view mirror, but this was not to be case, as after all Israel is a country of miracles. Dr. Noble found his miracle in the Kraft Family I.F.L., an American tackle football league which has games throughout Israel. The league is sponsored by the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft (also a former guest on Dr. Noble, as many other Americans who played football in college and high school, have another chance to be a grid iron hero on the football field here in the Holy Land. This past season was a tremendous one from Dr. Noble. He led the Ramat HaSharon Hammers to an 8-2 record, the best record in the team’s history. The 8 wins led the Hammers into the playoffs where they were upset by the Jerusalem Kings on a last second “hail mary” play. Oh the irony. When Dr. Noble was on my show a few weeks ago, he was diplomatic as ever about the loss. “I give fully credit to the Kings on the win.” Although Dr. Noble was disappointed in the loss, he focused on the positive nature of the 8 wins and changing the climate into a “winning culture.” There was also the little visit from President Obama in which Dr. Noble served as part of the welcoming committee at Ben Gurion Airport. “The visit reaffirmed Israel and the United States have an unbreakable bond,” the doctor said. At the end of the day Israel produced a few more dreams. A diplomat got to play tackle football in his 30’s and a talk show host got to interview a diplomat. 

Diplomat by day, football player by night.
Diplomat by day, football player by night.


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Ari Louis's media career spans 14 years, in this time he has been the play by play man for Maccabiah Tel-Aviv basketball, the Israel football league and served as color commentary for the Maccabiah baseball of 2013. Louis has also interviewed many famous athletes from Pete Rose, Roy Jones Jr., Curt Schilling and media personalities from ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox Sports. Louis has been called Israel's best English sports' broadcaster.