Yocheved Rappoport

My Jewish Body

My Jewish body, is not an apology
Sacred and whole, counterpart to my soul
Wit and charm, no confession in hand
Longing, forever belonging, to my promised land.

Striking a dramatic pose
Celestial, ancestral, she’s powerful, she knows
Her strength is legendary
Her stamina grows.

Inside this world, this planet we inhabit
Oppression runs through the blood I inherit
Day after day, attempts of intimidation
My right to exist, threatened with annihilation.

Come crisis or catastrophe
Strong bones don’t crack
Reserves of energy, built-in credibility
Sustain her ability
To brave it, come back.

My Jewish body, she’s hereditary
My backbone, a commodity
Bold and alone
Reclaims her right to home.

With courage and grace
She takes the road less traveled
Fights hard, prays hard,
Stays calm under pressure
My Jewish Body champions me
My hero, bless her.

Embodies moral courage
Inner compass is dependable
Stares down challenge
Mind and spirit is unbendable.

Intuition well suited, wears it like this
Wisdom not muted, admits that she is

My Jewish Body is alive
Despite hate, she walks undeterred
She is mine and I uphold her
Forever my home on earth.

About the Author
Yocheved Rappoport, MHC, is passionate about serving her community as a Mental Health Counselor and lives with her children in Monsey, NY.
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