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My MP Thinks that Truckers Honking their Horns means Heil Hitler

By now, you are probably aware about the truckers and other demonstrators, peacefully protesting our Canadian government’s never ending Covid restrictions. You might also have heard about our PM, Justin Trudeau’s draconian slip into totalitarianism. He has called them every name in the book and has unleashed heavily armed police to do whatever it takes to break the will of these courageous protesters. Whether it was clubbing them into submission or trampling them on horseback and/or freezing their bank accounts, he’s following the Chinese model of forcing your citizens to obey the leader. He recently enacted the Emergency Measures Act which gives him and his administration the right to do whatever they want to us. No judge or court required. You can go to prison, your property (trucks) can be confiscated, no money for food or rent if you supported the demonstration or even if they think you did. And the best part: you have no recourse!

All this could have been easily avoided, all he had to do was to speak to the truckers and their supporters. But instead of investing 15 minutes of his time to avert disaster, he doubled down on his attacks on us. So much for our Charter of Rights to demonstrate peacefully in order to protect our freedom.

Like so many dictators, when they see an opening to grab power, they jump at it. Trudeau who like his father, Pierre, is an admirer of communist China and Cuba. He’s said so publicly. He’s also a bigot. He’s said on multiple occasions that French Canadians (Quebecers) make the best Prime Ministers. Never mind his obsession with Black Face. He has a love affair with Islamists. You might recall his saving murderer Omar Khadr from prison in the US and paid him over $10 million dollars for his pain and suffering. I know, it sounds like I just made that up but it’s true!

In his latest shtick, he defended his authoritarian actions based on seeing a nazi flag amongst the demonstrators. He used that one detail to classify all of the truckers and their supporters as nazis.

My MP: Ya’ara SaksNot to be outdone, my member of parliament (MP), Ms. Ya’ara Saks said yesterday that truckers from the Freedom Convoy who honk their horns were actually saying Heil Hitler! I was watching Fox News’ Hannity when I saw this. They didn’t mention her name but they showed her face. She once taught me yoga (a class or 2) at my local Jewish Community Center so I recognized her immediately.  With those incredible credentials, she became an MP in my riding in suburban Toronto. I did my research and found that despite being Jewish and having lived in Israel, she is pro-Palestinian. I begged my fellow constituents at the time, not to vote for her. Here is a blog post I wrote then: Leon’s: The World is Upside Down   But my fellow Jews here didn’t listen. They made up their minds up in the old fashion way. She sounds Jewish maybe even Israeli- gotta vote for her. And they did.

I wrote the following email to her as well as to the Liberal party:

Dear MP Saks,

I object to your nonsensical claim that when the truckers from the Freedom Convoy honk their horns that means Heil Hitler!  Are you for real? I know that your boss, our PM, might think that just about everyone who supports the truckers and the truckers themselves are nazis, misogynists, antisemites and islamophobes but are you that desperate to gain his favour by jumping on the nazi calling boat?

As a son of Holocaust survivors (my dad lost every single relative thanks to real nazis) I am really offended when people use that term to describe anyone they have a problem with. It diminishes the meaning of the Shoah.
If that’s what you really do think then you are not fit to represent my ward as a member of parliament. A ward that once had one of the highest percentages of Holocaust survivors in Canada.
If you don’t really believe what you said but just said it to support Trudeau or to gain some notoriety (you certainly did – I saw you on Fox news), then I demand a full apology and retraction.
You, being Jewish, should know better!

One doesn’t have to agree with the truckers or their supporters. I certainly have sympathy for the residents of Ottawa who had to put up with the demonstration for 2+ weeks. But if you agree with my letter to my MP, I urge you to write to her at

She needs to hear our response loud and clear.

I also suggest that you write to the Liberal party (where both she and Mr. Trudeau belong) as she will most likely deny receiving any negative emails. You can submit you letter to them here:


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Leon Kushner is a retired software developer raised by Holocaust survivors. He is a husband and father of three. His interests include music, art, hiking, water skiing, snow boarding, fly fishing, reading and writing. These days he is busy with his grandchildren but still finds time for his Jewish activism.