Meira E. Schneider-Atik
marching to the beat of my own drummer

My Oscar/Tony/Emmy Acceptance Speech

Ohmigosh! I never thought I’d win. Whoa!

I’d like to thank all the people who helped make this production possible (list of people) and I’d like to thank the Academy for honoring me. I also want to reach out to the other nominees – you all deserve it. 

Thank you to my parents. My dad had almost no Jewish education and yet he took on Jewish observance as an adult. He taught me by example that Judaism and Torah and Mitzvot are worth the price we have to pay for them. My mom was in the 6th-ever graduating class from Stern College and thanks to her and her classmates and the women who came before her, Jewish women today have the option of a college education from Yeshiva University. I’m proud to say that I got my bachelor’s degree from there. 

Thank you to my amazing and loving in-laws whose parents left a wonderful legacy of education and devotion to Judaism. 

Thank you to my amazing husband who loves me and our children and who sets a wonderful example of love for Mitzvot and for learning Torah. Shout out to my children who are carrying on the legacy of their ancestors and are learning Torah and doing mitzvot. 

Thank you to Hashem for making me a Jew and for allowing me to be part of a 5000+ year legacy of learning/scholarship, giving/contributing, love, and family. I have never been more proud to be a Jew.  

Having said that thank you, I hope and pray to Hashem that He watches over my cousins and all the soldiers in the IDF, both Jewish and non-Jewish. I also pray to Hashem that He allows all of our hostages to come home alive and safe. 

Finally, thank you to Jonathan Glazer for inspiring me to write/say all of this out loud. 

(Cue thunderous applause from my fellow proud Jews and from non-Jews with functioning brains and beating hearts).

About the Author
Meira E. Schneider-Atik is a wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, and writer/blogger. Her goal is to help women feel good about themselves and to dispel the myths about tzniut and dressing well. Her heart is in Eretz Yisrael, but for now, she and her family live in Queens, NY.