My own Jihad on “Stop the Occupation” Facebook Pages

Anti-Israel Facebook Page (photo credit: Mietony,
Anti-Israel Facebook Page (photo credit: Mietony,

Click like to hate now.

With an onslaught of Palestinian (and supporters) anti-Israel/Jewish propaganda, it sometimes feels overwhelming to counter the constant barrage of lies. It’s overwhelming, time consuming and depressing. Could I really change minds by posting some facebook replies? Could I be a white knight of justice by using my keyboard? Rallies, speeches, protests, and speaking to the media are all important. However, there is an online propaganda war which we must not ignore. Social Media is their latest weapon. Now even the Jew-hating-Muslim soccer mom, sitting in Idaho, can do her part to “Free Gaza”.

It all started when I made up an alias facebook account so I could say what I really wanted to on Israeli news and Pro-Israel pages. Dare I say, maybe even this very one? Being right-wing when it comes to Israel, I didn’t have the desire to sift through anti-Semitic hate messages to my personal account. It’s funny how some leftist “humanitarians” spew the most venom at complete strangers with whom they don’t agree with. I decided to go undercover in my quest to spread the truth and confirm it for myself.

The truth is a very touchy subject when it comes to Israel. No one wants to hear it. No one wants to face it. To my surprise, I received much support for my blunt and honest statements. People were glad someone finally said what they wanted to say but felt they couldn’t. It’s hard to in this sugar-coated politically correct day-and-age. I decided to go onto Pro-Palestinian or rather Israeli-hate pages and enlighten them. That lasted about half a day before I was kicked out of all of them. Not for Muslim bashing, but for having another opinion. The “Free-Gaza” and “Stop the Occupation” activists don’t really like other opinions besides their own or actual facts. Truth seekers they are not. They want to play the victim and keep it that way. You may think facebook pages are nothing to worry about, yet these groups are in the thousands, which represent the millions. They create events and incite violence. They are not just a reflection of hate but the activists of it.

Anti-Israel Propaganda (photo credit: Latuff,
Anti-Israel Propaganda (photo credit: Latuff,

I could have stopped there, but what I saw on those pages drove me further in. I will discuss my other persona I used later. I was not shocked at the photoshoped images taken out of context with blatant false information as headlines. I was not shocked at the despicable hatred towards Israelis, specifically Jews. Yes, young Muslim’s living in America still refers to Jews as descendents of Apes and Pigs. I wasn’t even shocked at the thousands who joined these pages or hundreds of likes on pictures supporting terrorism. People justified the killing of Israeli children in the name of “resistance”. What did surprise me (from reading people’s comments) was how many actually believed the complete and utter hate propaganda.

For example, they posted a picture of an Israeli officer carrying a child by his arm. It was titled “See how the Israeli Nazis treat Palestinian children”. Of course we know that the frame before that was the Palestinian teen throwing heavy rocks through an Israeli’s car windshield. Many have been injured and killed from this terrorism or as they like to say “just kids throwing rocks”, but I digress. The comments were basically a poor us, kill all the evil Zionist Nazi scum, sort of thing. Every single picture they put up is faked. Photoshoped images with false information demonizing Israeli soldiers or every day people. That right there should prove to you the legitimacy of their cause. If they were such victims why would they have to fake all these photos? They simply lie about absolutely everything and people slurped it up with a spoon. Like I said, that was not the surprising part. The fact that not one single person questioned or researched the legitimacy of any of these posts was disturbing. These were English language pages, most set up in the USA. I shudder to think what the Arabic ones say.

Pallywood - Palestinian media editing what they want. (photo credit: h/t Susan K and BNI,
Pallywood – Palestinian media editing what they want. (photo credit: h/t Susan K and BNI,

A resistance for reality.

I believe the Palestinians and their supporters (mostly delusional leftist Israelis and European anti-Semites) believe what they want to believe. I see the draw, especially for Muslim youth, to be a part of something. They want to fight for a cause and something they believe in. They also want to take attention away from the global Muslim terrorism problem we see in the news every day. They want to wear their terrorist checkered Keffiyeh around their school, and find like-minded terrorist supporters to go to prom with. They rejoice in the freedom to march hand in hand in the annual Killajewaday parade for justice and equality.

(photo credit: graphic-resistance,
(photo credit: graphic-resistance,
Woman wearing Keffiyeh (photo credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, Jean-François Gornet,
(photo credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, Jean-François Gornet,

I was even starting to get brainwashed from immersing myself into their world of faked social justice. I would then see a posted image of an Israeli flag with skulls and blood and snap back to reality. They are so blinded by hate and a bit drunk on it. This causes them to be sloppy, giving away their true motives. Anyone who reads actual news from Israel, or has been here and sees what goes on here knows the truth. Those that don’t should catch on just by seeing the blind hatred on overload and start to question their credibility of their fake victim narrative.

BDS Logo, photo credit:  © Palestinian Media Watch –
BDS Logo, photo credit: © Palestinian Media Watch –

The one thing I give the Arabs and their supporters credit for, is they  know how to market themselves. The “Stop the Occupation” campaign has become a brand with a mascot, anti-Semitic fan clubs, hired cartoonists, artists and more. The terrorists and their supporters, in a rather maniacal way, turned themselves into victims fighting for justice over the people they actually victimize. They turned this into a hip humanitarian cause to be a part of, all the while having the most sinister agenda. Their goal is to demonize and ultimately destroy Israel. Don’t believe me that it could be that bad? For one, it’s in the Hamas charter which is a terrorist organization recently openly unified with the Palestinian government, whom the Palestinians overwhelmingly support.

There are children’s programs in Gaza for G-d sakes that have Mickey Mouse characters telling kids to “kill their Jewish neighbors”. The problem is we need a unified campaign. Not just a call to dismiss their claims but a call to expose their genocidal goals. How about “Free Israel” or “Stop Palestinian Terrorism Now”? The problem is most are too busy living our lives, trying to contribute to humanity by building not destroying, and just trying to survive. It’s time to care a bit more or before the Muslim world gets their fantasy dream come true.

So why do so many people support the false narrative of Israeli occupation?

9-year-old Israeli boy Osher Twito lost his leg after a Palestinian Qassam rocket exploded next to him in the city of Sderot (photo credit: CC BY-SA, Edi Israel,
9-year-old Israeli victim Osher Twito of Palestinian Qassam rocket (photo credit: CC BY-SA, Edi Israel,

This is an entire subject for another article. In short, it’s easy for people to side with the victim, or who they mistakenly believe to be the victims. The Palestinians have a propaganda campaign of portraying themselves as victims. Political correctness or not, world terrorism is almost exclusively of members of the Islamic faith. Nothing justifies the killing of children in the name of their “resistance” to Israel.

Is there cause at all legitimate?

No. In a nutshell, the Palestinians claim they were refugees kicked out of their homes by the evil Zionist Jews. The reality is they lost every war they started by trying to kill their Jewish neighbors. Still they justify all terrorism towards Israeli civilians as in their minds; it is Israelis who are the terrorists. The Pro-Palestinian “resistance fighters” chose to ignore the history and the modern non-apartheid democracy of Israel, thus continuing their campaign to destroy Israel.

Jewish_child_victim_of_Arab_riots_in_Hebron,_1929  (photo credit:,
Jewish_child_victim_of_Arab_riots_in_Hebron,_1929. This was before 1948, or as the Palestinian cause likes to say “occupation”. (photo credit:,
Oren Almog, who was ten years old at time of the Maxim restaurant suicide bombing, was blinded by the blast, lost two of his grandparents, his father, his brother and his cousin. (photo credit: CC BY, Marokwitz,
Oren Almog, who was ten years old at time of the Maxim restaurant suicide bombing, was blinded by the blast, lost two of his grandparents, his father, his brother and his cousin. (photo credit: CC BY, Marokwitz,

Adventures in keyboard crusading continue.

Perhaps if I approached their propaganda machine from another angle? I then decided to make an account under an Arab women’s name. I received many friend requests from some lonely jihadists typing away in their UCLA or likewise BDS infested dorm rooms. However, this did not deter me from my mission, as tempting as it was to chat with these friendly Jew hating lads. I was now pretending to be on their side, all the while still infecting their pages with the truth. Not so much for them, but for some confused person who didn’t have a clue. All I had to do was preface a video or facts (disputing their utter nonsense) with a “Can you believe this?” Anti-Semites and terrorist supporters are not the brightest breed (lying is easy).

I had two reactions. One was mostly them believing me but somehow still turning everything around with total disregard for the facts. I grew tired. Everything in the world was blamed on Israel, including bringing AIDS to Africa. A few accused me of being a Mossad agent or paid by the evil Zionists to spread my propaganda. It was funny that they flattered themselves so. Not really a bad idea, maybe I should apply? So why was I doing this?

The very point of my experiment was to expose them for who they are. I was hoping my mind would be changed or that I was wrong. Perhaps there was something I didn’t know or maybe I was wrong. No, it was worse than I thought. They are the kind of bullies that are such cowards that in the most diabolical way, pretends to be the victims. This justifies their rampage of hate and terrorism to the people of Israel. Young kids, mothers, and old women all justifying attacks on Israel. Remember they do not target just Israeli soldiers; they target the elderly, women and children civilians. Let’s be clear, hate for Israel is hate for Jews (also referred to as Zionists, which they have turned into a bad name). I’ll be the first to state I am a proud Zionist. Never again means never again from a place of power and security. These supporters of the Palestinian movement are so blinded by their hate. They can’t even wrap their heads around the millions of Arabs that live freely here. Their boycotts and slander of Israel hurt their own people. Even the Israeli-Arabs are so hell-bent on Israel’s destruction that they still wave their Palestinian flags anytime they can, even though they are the victims of Gaza rockets as well.

Grad rocket fired from Gaza hits Southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva and destroys a kindergarten classroom (Credit:
Grad rocket fired from Gaza hits Southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva and destroys a kindergarten classroom (Credit:

Victims or Leaders? Who changes the world for the better?

Weizmann Institute, Israel           (photo credit: CC-­BY-SA Niv,
Weizmann Institute, Israel (photo credit: CC-­BY-SA Niv,

Victim mentality is part of their problem. The Jews had it pretty rough for a couple centuries now and yet Israel is a global innovator in technology, medicine etc. The Jews never sat around and cried victim, although they were and still are victims of unjustified hatred. They time and time again push forward and contribute to the world. The Palestinians and other Arab countries tend to blame the Jews for all their problems. Perhaps if they spent their energy into more positive means (as opposed to terrorist training summer camps) they would be leaders and not victims. Lying will only get you so far. In the end truth prevails and succeeds.

Occupy Zuckerburg.

Still, why get into this web of hate? Why drain myself of precious energy talking to people who will never change their minds? One reason only. To write this article and expose the occupation cause for what it is. Like I mentioned before, it is for the Palestinians to play victims and now mostly brainwashed into believing this as their truth. The goal is demonizing Israel and therefore justifying terrorism of Israeli citizens.

Of course I feel for any person, of any nationality, who suffers. My heart cries for Muslim children brought up in a dark world of hate and lies. Their parents ultimately cause their suffering. The real villains in the story of the world are people who inject hate and violence into innocent young minds. People who run these hate pages know very well what they’re doing. They are lucky they live in free countries, like Israel and the USA, where they have the luxury to do so.

Palestinian children display military tactics at a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Gaza City. (photo credit:
Palestinian children display military tactics at a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Gaza City. (photo credit:

As of now, I’m canceling those fake accounts. It’s up to you and everyone else to stand up for what you believe in and do what you can when you can. Speak your mind and share the truth whenever possible. If you don’t, they will meet their goal and Israel will be another page in future history books. The Muslim countries do not always get along but they are unified in their quest to destroy Israel. Ask yourself this, if Israel was gone tomorrow what would be the nation of Islam’s next move? Would there be peace on earth?

For now, their hatred does not stop Israel from thriving. Occupation is only the space in their hearts filled with hate. They occupy Facebook pages with “We are innocent victims so we must kill all the Jews” rhetoric. Someone should probably tell them Mark Zuckerburg is a Jew. I guess descendents of Apes and Pigs are smart enough to create the platform they use to fuel their agendas.

Palestinian "Freedom Fighters" (photo credit: © Palestinian Media Watch –
Palestinian “Freedom Fighters” (photo credit: © Palestinian Media Watch –
Young Israeli soldiers protecting their citizens, or as some like to call them "Evil Zionist Killers". Weizmann Institute, Israel           (photo credit: CC-­BY-SA, Israel Defense Forces,
Young soldiers serving in the IDF, or as some like to call them “Evil Zionist occupiers”. (photo credit: CC-­BY-SA, Israel Defense Forces,
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Keren Israel has a deep passion for writing in defense of Israel. Born in Israel and having lived in the US for many years, she has now returned to call Israel her home. A pro-Israel activist, she has participated and contributed to numerous events, as well as publishing works and graphic design in support of Israel.