My People

My people are being terrorized on the streets of the world.
My people are hunting down terrorists in dark alleyways and tunnels.

My people are taking down their mezuzot and hiding their Jewish stars.
My people are rising up like a lion with incredible pride.

My people are scared.
My people are not afraid.

My people are being accused of crimes against humanity.
My people are laser-focused on targeting only those who have committed crimes that show they lack all humanity.

My people are being blocked, silenced and demonized.
My people are showing up, speaking out and shining their light bright.

My people have every reason to lose their faith.
My people have never been so strong in their faith.

My people are being told to go back to where they came from.
My people have gone back to where they came from.

My people are being threatened with death.
My people, as always, are choosing life.

My people are being pressured to give up.
My people will never give in.

About the Author
Akiva Gersh moved to Israel from New York in 2004 and has been working in the field of Jewish and Israel Education for over 20 years. In 2020 he founded @Israel to share his love and passion for Israel with students, schools and communities around the world through his online classes, courses and virtual tours of Israel. Akiva is also the editor of the book "Becoming Israeli" (, a compilation of essays that gives an inside look at the unique experience of making aliyah and the journey of acclimating to life in Israel. He also created a social media platform called "Vegan Rabbi" through which he teaches about Jewish teachings related to health, animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Akiva lives in Pardes Hanna with his wife Tamar and their four kids.