My Prayer for 5775

Thank you G-d for my health and the health of those around me.
Thank you G-d for my wonderful family and the blessing of close friends.
Thank you G-d for never having been in minus.
Thank you G-d for the warm, welcoming community we live in and the swings outside our building.
Thank you G-d for a job that I enjoy going to.
Thank you G-d for my strong belief system.
Thank you G-d for my supportive husband, co-parent, and travel partner.
Thank you G-d for my 2 beautiful little boys whom I’m completely obsessed with.
Thank you G-d for the ability and opportunities to laugh.
Thank you G-d for food, especially chocolate, mac and cheese, and Nachos Deluxe.
Thank you G-d for Israel.
Thank you G-d for good people.
Thank you G-d for beaches and sunsets.
Thank you G-d for good books.

I haven’t yet been invited to a Facebook Gratitude Challenge, but on both a personal and national level, as much as I am grateful for, it’s been a tough year. It’s easy to feel like we run around every day, taking care of errands, without achieving anything great or lasting. As a people, we’ve also been through a lot: anti-Semitism, corruption, and a war, which claimed too many precious lives. Our hearts shattered when we heard of the kidnapping, and eventually the death of our 3 boys, in whose merit we united so beautifully.

Although we were able to defeat (yes, I believe it) Hamas in many ways and foil many of their plans, so many soldiers and children were injured and killed in the process.

G-d, my request for this next year is a little help with the faith. I need to know that it’s going to be okay. I need to remember that You have a forever lasting relationship with the Jewish people and with Israel. I need to know that good will triumph over evil, at least in the long run. I need to remember that we get a fresh start every year, and it’s our obligation to take advantage of that.

About the Author
Esther Cohney was raised in a multi-cultured home in sunny Los Angeles as a 90s child with her heart on her sleeve. She loves writing, travelling, working with people, and asking lots of questions. She is determined to accomplish as much as possible in life, while enjoying every darn minute of it.