My Response to a Palestinian (Or Strong Supporter)

Every so often, I take the time to respond to posts on social media attacking Israel. In the case today the person I was responding to, who I believe is a Palestinian living in the United States, accused Israel of “wholesale massacre” of the Palestinians. He justified Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians as “resisting occupation” and supports them. He claimed Israel has no right to self defense since it is “the aggressor” and an “occupier” and insisted there is “no bigger crime […] than the occupation and subjugation of a people.” I’ve cleaned up his spelling and usage for clarity but those are his words.

He also laid out his demands for peace: “Simple, a complete and unconditional withdrawal from all Palestinian lands within 67 borders, Lifting of the blockade and mutual respect for recognized 67 borders.”

Here is my response with minor editing for clarity:

* * *

When and where was this “wholesale massacre” you speak of? Oh, right, there never ever was one. That is propaganda. ’67 borders? There were no agreed borders prior to 1967. There was the 1949 armistice line where the armies stopped fighting. It was not a recognized border, ever, and was not defensible. It will never be a border either. I’m center-left in Israeli terms and I would never agree to what you demand. It’s national suicide and Israelis just are not suicidal people, sorry.

The Palestinians have never agreed to Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, as conceived both by the world community and the League of Nations after World War I. It’s also what the United Nations General Assembly conceived of when they passed the partition plan for what was left of Palestine. (More than 75% had already been removed to create the Arab state we now know as Jordan.) The Jews accepted the partition plan. The Arabs (including the people now called Palestinians) never did and immediately launched a genocidal war promising to drive us into the sea. My father fought in that war. You call us the aggressor? You tried to destroy us. We never tried to destroy you.

In 2008 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered all of Gaza, 93% of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and compensatory land from Israel to make up the other 3%. He would have divided Jerusalem. He was turned down flat with no counter offer and no further negotiations. Clue: there is no more to offer than what he was willing to give.

Sorry, the onus for starting progress towards peace is now entirely on the Palestinian side. Prime Minister Netanyahu is now facing a political revolt from his right. In next years elections Israel will probably move even farther to the right. It is entirely possible that someone like Naftali Bennett could be Prime Minister. He favors annexation. Some on the far right would be happy to expel the lot of you. Is that what you want? The Palestinians have never been willing to compromise at all. If that does not change you will end up with absolutely nothing.

Oh, and remember, I’m center-left. I am more liberal than most Israelis. If I am living b’eretz before the next election I will have a vote. If you can’t convince me you actually want peace and coexistence you will never convince the right and they will do what they feel they must.”

About the Author
Caitlyn Martin is an American Jewish IT professional currently working as a security engineer for a very large and well known technology company. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Caitlyn's father was Israeli and fought in the 1948-49 War of Independence. She maintains strong family ties to Israel and hopes to make aliya in the not too distant future or, at the latest, when she retires.
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