My Soul Is Bleeding for Israel

Stabbings. Axes and hatchets. Pistols and shootings. People waiting for a train, infants run down and murdered by crazed savages. Calls for the death of Jews on television, on the radio, in print, in childrens’ cartoon shows and worse, taught in kindergartens all over the Arab middle east.

Americans, Englishmen, beheaded in the cruelest fashion. Not with the swift arc of a scimitar, but rather, having their throats slit and their heads sliced off while they are still conscious. Women and young girls are raped, sold into slavery and have their genitalia mutilated.

Today, two barbarians invaded a synagogue in Jerusalem this morning and with meat cleavers and a handgun, slaughtered men at prayer. Men still wearing their tallitot and t’fillin, communicating with G-d and harming no one. They were set upon by a couple of bloodthirsty criminals, intent on butchery. The floor, slippery with widening pools of gore and torn flesh. Yes, the savages were ultimately gunned down by the police. Yet, what succor did that assuage the victims, both the dead and the wounded?

Why did this happen? This was not an assault on a military base. This was not an attack on a group of armed, uniformed soldiers or police-those would have, at least been, in terms of warfare, legitimate targets. But old men, swaying in prayer, their lips speaking words of love and supplication-thanking G-d for life and praying for peace? If anything at all  this demonstrates that the targets of these “Palestinian” terrorists are not soldiers who can defend themselves. or armed police-the targets are Jews at prayer in their synagogue, Jews at play in their parks and Jews waiting for a train-just Jews, Israeli Jews. My people, my wife, my daughter, me.

The truth is that there isn’t an answer for this act of barbarity. It cannot be rationally explained-it cannot be excused, it can never be understood,.It can only be evidence to the war against civilization and the front line is Jerusalem, the battlefield  is the streets of Israel.

Sure, there have been other heinous attacks in Belgium, France, Britain and the United States. Vicious miscreants with edged weapons beheaded a young Englishman in the street and then bragged about their grisly deed with the bloody weapons, dripping gore, still in their hands. Jewish children shot to death in Toulon, Jewish tourists slain at a museum in Holland and a grandmother, cruely beheaded at her workplace in Oklahoma. But the main arena of this sanguinary combat is my tiny, Jewish country.

It is here where the cries for our blood reverberate over the airwaves. Where the murderers of infants are celebrated with songs of joy, dancing in the streets and the passing out of sweets. In Gaza, Nablus, Ramallah and Jenin, streets and playgrounds are named for these “heroes” and children are taught to praise their “sacrifice” and to revel in the murder of Jews. How many Americans still remember the huge parties and celebrations in the streets of Gaza when 3000 people at their desks were immolated by jets of burning fuel and molten steel, or crushed to death under thousands of tons of steel and concrete? How many nations whose citizens also met horrific death on September 11th recall how Osama bin Laden was called a hero for his treacherous operation and how America was condemned by Hamas, Hezbollah and other “Palestinian” cabals? for bringing this foul creature to an end?

Only Israel, only my fellow Jews, are daily threatened with horrific death. But do we fear? After all, fear is natural, to be concerned over one’s personal safety is normal, but to hide and cower behind one’s four walls, never to venture into the street or travel to work is to grant the fiends who prey upon us a victory that they desire. For if they can paralyze us, they can defeat us, they can make the weaklings among us cry out for surrender. And that will never happen!

There is an apocryphal story from the siege of Jerusalem back in 1948, when the artillery of the Jordanian Arab Legion was pounding the Jewish neighborhoods of the city incessantly with barrages of shells from British 25 pounder cannon. One of the neighborhoods particularly hit was the ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Me’a She’arim (One hundred gates). A delegation of rabbis from that area met with the late Dov Joseph, z”l, who was the administrator of the supplies and defense of the besieged city. They told him of the deaths, damage and wounded of their streets and they asked permission to go to the Jordanians to negotiate the surrender of their neighborhood as they were fearful. Dov Joseph listened to them attentively and said, “The first person who puts out the white flag will be shot.”

Well, we too, shall not put up a white flag. But it will take much more than blowing up the houses of the terrorists and expelling their families from the city. That is a mere palliative. It will take much more than easing the requirements for personal weapons for ex-IDF officers and security personnel. Meaningless platitudes and expressions of grief will not suffice any longer. They are as insignificant and, frankly, as impotent as the words of condemnation from the terrorist president of the so-called “Palestinian Authority” whose media is responsible for the unending and incessant incitement for Jewish blood. We can thank the Americans who contribute $400 MILLION to this murderous enterprise and the feckless Europeans who vote to recognize a state made up of verminous and malodorous  beasts. Words are cheap, talk is cheap, blood, especially Jewish blood, must be held for a much greater remuneration-its price must be beyond easy measure.

This is why my soul is bleeding for my country. My heart aches for all the innocent slain by Islamist butchery and Arab bloodlust. But my soul, my Yiddishe neshoma, pours out lifeblood for my people.

For how much longer must the children of Sderot and Kiryat Sh’monah sleep under their beds? How much longer must we listen to the obscene calls for a “Two State Solution” when it is, in actuality, a call for the continuation of the “Final Solution’? How much longer must we delude ourselves into believing that one can negotiate with fiends and savages? How much longer do we need to listen to the leaders of European nations when their feet trod on a continent resting on a sea of Jewish blood? How much longer do we need to acquiesce to the excretory vilification that echoes off the walls of that anti-Semitic cabal on the East River in New York City? How much longer must we wait for the government of Israel to do what must be done??? My soul can only bleed so much before it empties and dies of lack of faith. As for me, I will never give the enemy the gratification that he seeks. I shall not cower. I shall not hide. I am a son of the House of David, of the people of Israel.

“Tzedek, tzedek tirdof.”-“Justice, justice, thou shalt pursue.” What the people of Israel are waiting for is for our leaders to pursue justice for us all.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.