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My Special Seder Message To You

Throughout history, the Passover Seder has been the magnetic pole that has drawn the Jewish family unit and friends together. Sadly for many of our Jewish brethren, this year will be different. Countless will be alone. COVID -19 has managed to do what scores of conquerors, antisemites, hate mongers, pogroms, the social media and terrorists failed to do.

Yet, anti-Israel groups and terrorists even now, continue in their Pharaonic journey to demonise Israel and the Diaspora.  As IPT report: “The group IfNotNow (INN) wrote on Facebook.” “If the Israeli Government does not immediately lift its own military blockade of Gaza and deliver medical supplies like masks and ventilators, thousands of Palestinians could die.”

In fact, Israel has sent medical aid for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to help combat the spread of the virus.

Israel’s Coordinator of Government and Activities in the Territories (COGAT) stated on April 1, 2020, “Daily life has been disrupted for millions with the outbreak of COVID -19, but COGATs regular medical operations of transferring goods between Israel and the Gaza Strip continue. 145 tons of medical supplies were transferred through the Kerem Shalom Crossing into Gaza last week.”

As the Midrash says, Pharaoh did not share the fate of his horsemen at the Red Sea. He alone escaped drowning; no more, he escaped death. He stands forever at the gates of Hell.

In Gaza, the Pharaohs’ of today are the Hamastatians, the Islamic Jihad and the Hizb-ut Tahrir. They have no empathy for the everyday Gazan citizen. Young and old alike, they will be the first to share the same fate as Pharaoh’s horsemen. For them, sadly, COVID -19 and for Muslims, the angel Riḍwan will be waiting for them.

This Seder, for those of us, like me, who are unable to physically join our family and friends, let us be thankful we don’t live under an absolute tyrannical regime.

Chag Pesach Sameach.

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Simons is an author, writer and social advocate. He publishes an online international news service, now in its 15th year, dealing with issues relating to intolerance, hate, antisemitism, Islamophobia, conflict, and terrorism, as well as an online community news site. As a diplomat, he served as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Rwanda to Canada, post-genocide era. He has lectured and designed courses in the areas of therapeutic management, religion in politics, and communications. He recently published his sixth book.