Mordechai Weiss
Real Estate Agent

My Successful Real Estate Experience in Israel

It will soon be exactly 20 years since the day we decided to begin our journey of settling in Israel.

The journey we took until we eventually made Aliyah in 2003 was full of ups and downs. After all, we were a large family with children of a range of ages, and we were uprooting ourselves from a place we had lived in for decades.

In a way, that journey began with my very first successful Israeli real estate transaction. We successfully arranged to swap our home in Teaneck, New Jersey for a home in Raanana, Israel where we would all live for our summer of exploration in Israel. Keep in mind, this was all done long before the days of Facebook and Airbnb.

Our 2 months in Israel were such a success that we decided to take it up a notch, beginning the process of actually moving to Israel.

We did lots of research until finally deciding upon the place where we wanted to live. Already 18 months before the actual move I hired a (great) lawyer in Israel and a (great) building contractor to begin the process of buying land and building a home.

Doing all those things long distance can be quite challenging, especially if you are still not an Israeli citizen. But we succeeded, big time! We found a beautiful lot for sale, built a beautiful home on it, arranged for financing, and moved straight into our brand new home upon making Aliyah almost 18 years ago.

Our children have thrived here and we continue to enjoy our home just as we’ve done since the first day we moved into it.

My Israeli real estate transaction was not my first. I had been involved with others (successfully!) in New Jersey as well. But laying down roots in Israel is in a league of its own.

For years I have shared my love of Israel with the many tourists I was fortunate to have guided. One day tourism will return.

But now I will be using my God blessed talents for real estate (and those that I have learned from REMAX) to help those interested in purchasing (or renting) in Israel (especially in the Maale Adumim Area).

My mission is to ensure that every client of mine be as satisfied as I was with my own personal real estate experience in Israel.

About the Author
Rabbi Mordechai Weiss was born in Miami Beach, Florida, and served as an emissary for Chabad in Teaneck, New Jersey for 21 years. Together with his family, he made Aliyah in July 2003 and is the author of "You Come For One Reason But Stay For Another." He is a licensed Tour Guide, a REMAX real estate agent based out of Maale Adumim, a father of 12 children, and a grandfather of many. He resides in Mitzpeh Yericho, Israel.
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