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A crossbencher is NOT an angry Birchon!

A crossbencher is someone sitting perpendicular to the government and the Opposition in the British House of Lords.

Often religious figures would sit there when no longer in their previous official leadership role.

In other words they don’t support either of the two main parties.
They are independent.

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about this.
Independents in my view probably make the best speeches, and the most honest speeches.
They have no allegiance to either party except to the people whom they represent.

Those without a voice, the poor, the homeless, the persecuted, the elderly, those living without any family support, the unemployed etc. etc.

Rav Sacks z”l sat in the House of Lords and when he spoke the other Lords actually seemed to stay awake!

John Humphries, previously the anchor of BBC radio 4’s flagship news program “Today” said….

Whenever Jonathan was invited to speak on “Thought for the day” (the 2 min 45 seconds slot just before the News) you listened.

I think those who always support Labour, Conservative, Republican or Democrat should spend some time sitting in the crossbenches.

It would force them to think of people, rather than follow blindly what the leaders of the party say.

At the end of the day politics is NOT about politicians and then turning a blind eye to everything you don’t like about your party or leader, but you follow them anyway.
Inspite of improper behaviour, dubious business deals, extra marital affairs etc. etc.

Politics is about people, and Rav Sacks spoke up for all people of different Faiths, social standing, straight and gay.

He believed it was our duty to stand up for ALL persecuted people and he would not shy away from criticising those he felt had not done enough to protect the vulnerable.

As he said about the Warsaw ghetto in WW2. It was right in the middle of the City, there is no way that people didn’t know what was going on there and yet they did nothing to help the Jews.

Everyone should have a spell in the crossbenches.

Shabbat Shalom.

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Northern Ireland born & bred. Made Aliya in 1990 just before the Gulf War. WUJS in Arad (World Union of Jewish Students) graduate. Worked and lived in Baka Jerusalem since 1992 I'm a Centrist because the distance between Left and Right is too great, and I want to know what they're up to! Whether I'm writing about the state of world politics or a couple having a cuppa, my real aim is to close the gaps between us.
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