#MyJudaism Is Unity

#MyJudaism is a masterpiece of unity! An in-your-face mishmash of sights, sounds and scents. Shockeling while davening, singing niggunim and baking challah just to skim the surface. Studying, learning and sharing makes my Judaism grow each day.

My Judaism is frum yet fabulous. Who said tznius has to be boring? After all Ralph Lauren is a Jew and so was Vidal Sassoon. Just because I wear long sleeves in the summer doesn’t mean I can’t do so with style.

My Judaism is my community. Being a Jew is great, but being with other Jews is super. It’s the old joke, “2 Jews, 3 opinions,” and nu, why not? The Shabbos morning stroll to shul wishing each other “a gut Shabbos” as we pass on the street. It’s that healthy dose of conformity.

My Judaism is love. Love for my fellow Jew, love for life, love for the world and being in love with Hashem.

My Judaism makes me cry. Sometimes, it’s while saying the Shema, other times thinking about so many lives cut short by ignorance and hatred.

My Judaism makes me smile. Just looking out at the magnificent world Hashem created for us is enough to make my heart feel full.

My Judaism makes me thankful. Thankful for every morning G-d gives me, and mindful that ALL of us were created in G-d’s image.

My Judaism is inclusive and doesn’t judge others. It allows all to live with dignity and is never limited by labels. It has room to share with all and any who feel the same way.

I wear my Judaism on my sleeve and proudly share it with anyone who gives me the opportunity.

My Judaism is performing mitzvot with love in my heart. It makes me a mitzvah maven. I want others to know my Judaism, to experience the warmth and happiness of it and walk away feeling better for having experienced it.

My Judaism is taking the time to listen to an elder, smile at a child, be kind to a stranger, give to someone less fortunate, to be an example to others.

My Judaism isn’t something I invented. My Judaism has thousands of years of history, so it really isn’t my Judaism, it’s #OurJudaism. My Judaism isn’t unique to me, but it makes me unique. In total we’re less than 0.2% of the world’s population, and it’s our unity that’s allowed us to not only survive but thrive in a world that doesn’t always welcome us.

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Proudly Jewish, proudly Zionist with an opinion about almost everything. Worst of all, I'm not afraid to share it.
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