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Naomi Klein is a quack “professor”

Naomi Klein was recently thrust into news by her rejection of the State of Israel. With myself being an Israeli citizen, her desire to destroy my country was a call to action.

But my post is not about politics. Naomi Klein teaches at the University of British Columbia a course “Climate Justice”. Her course is conflating climate with politics.

But for me, climate is studied by science, not by politics. There is an important number named “Global Radiative Climate Forcing”.

This number is the difference between the incoming solar radiation which warms the Earth, and the outgoing infrared radiation which carries the heat energy from the Earth back into space. For the Earth to remain at constant temperature (on the average) these two numbers would have to be equal. Then the Global Radiative Climate Forcing would be exactly zero.

But in fact there is more heat energy incoming from the Sun than heat energy radiated by Earth back into space. This difference now stands at 3 watts of power for every square meter of the Earth’s surface and continues to grow.

The problem with Naomi Klein is that she does not know any of this. Her course is woke ideology, without any relation to science. In this Naomi Klein is similar to professors who taught Marxist-Leninist ideology at Soviet universities. These professors did not know any of the important subjects taught by higher education: science, engineering, medicine, history… -nothing. It was all communist ideology taught with veneration, as if it was real knowledge and not political quackery.

By teaching woke ideology, the University of British Columbia swindles the Canadian tuition paying students out of their money. They do not get any useful skills, or knowledge, or culture out of Naomi Klein’s courses.

Why did Naomi Klein get a teaching job at a Canadian university? The answer is mafia-like influence peddling, where universities are filled with like-minded political hacks.

Canada needs change, for many things, including for saving its higher education.

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I went to graduate school at the Hebrew University and since then worked as a lecturer in Canada and in Israel.