Needles sticking out from everywhere

I am rooming at the moment with the track and field acupuncturist.  I am not particularly familiar with acupuncture although I have learned a great deal in the last few days.  Our room has been morphed into a clinic as Doctor Brett, as I’ve been calling him, sticks needles into all parts of the body.

In actuality it is not quite as crude as that and the athletes leave relieved and comforted that their ailments will not impact their hard work as their competitions approach.

It is amazing to see what is going into the preparation for the athletes.  They are passing up the temptations of the amazing night life that is Tel Aviv to ensure they represent MaccabiUSA to the best of their abilities.

The only thing that might stop these athletes from victory, the buses showing up, which is a blog for another time.

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About the Author
Leon Lifschutz is an accommodations manager providing logistical support for Team US at the Maccabiah 2013.