Netanyahu in Africa and Israeli Hasbara in deep coma

PM Netanyahu is in one of his most important ever diplomatic missions for the State of Israel, and he has done so many in the last 7 years of his current stewardship as Israel’s leader. Visiting Africa and meeting seven important leaders there is highly significant and full of symbolism , alongside the obvious political and commercial benefits. Netanyahu in Entebbe, 40 years later, symbolizing the ultimate victory not only of the Netanyahu family, but also that of Israel in its war against vicious terrorism. Netanyahu with Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the legendary Jomo Kenyatta, one of the greatest African freedom fighters alongside Nelson Mandela. Netanyahu in Rwanda, the site of the terrible genocide, alongside the great Paul Kagame, the leader who led his country to a period of internal peace after the horrors of 1994. Altogether , Netanyahu in an historic visit, the first Israeli PM to visit Africa in 50 years. And historic it is; ”even” the Washington Post calls it as such.

Israel is NOT isolated, Israel is moving along in its diplomatic relations, and Israel is friendly with Black African nations, and there are more to be visited next time, countries whose leaders hear the constant barrage of anti Israel ”Apartheid” propaganda, but they are not impressed. They, the ones who really know what Apartheid is, what racial discrimination and Western Colonialism are, they seem to like the message coming out from Israel.

Is it because they are less sensitive to this issue of Apartheid with all its implications?. No, they are as sensitive as American Jewish and non-Jewish Liberals, including our old hater, Jimmy Carter. They are no less sensitive than African-American political leaders, among them former MLK aides and great civil rights activists, such as Congressman John Lewis , who have an habit of voting against Israel . Nor are they less sensitive to Apartheid than the leaders of BDS and all the other anti Israel campus activists, JVP, SJP and those whose names I do not remember now. They are AS sensitive, if not much more than all the above, also because they know what country can and help them when it matters, in irrigation systems, in modernizing agriculture, in medical assistance and education. They also remember the 1960s when little Israel, under the leadership of then FM Golda Meir and the Afro-Asian and Vulkani Institutes did so much for the newly emerging independent African nations.

These countries at one point or another in their history, exercised the toxic infatuation with the ideas of Third Worldism , blame the West for everything, blame the Jews as well. Why not?. Blaming the Jews was and still is a good entry card to the Club of the Left Wing and the Muslim world, but not really to anything like betterment of life in their countries. This can be done with Israel. So, this is why Netanyahu is currently in his victory tour of Africa.

That said, a ”little ” question is emerging; Where is Israel’s Hasbara? who saw? who heard?. The non -beauty sleeping Israeli Hasbara. Hasbara does not stand on its own feet, as it is a tool of policy. Good policy will lead to good Hasbara. Israel has great policy in Africa, a successful policy , a policy which defies and shutters the big lie called ”Israel the Apartheid” state, but our Hasbara is not to be found. So, not just being an Eitzes Giver as they say in Yiddish; Here are just three examples of what should have been done and can still be done. First, produce ample youtubes of Netanyahu with the African leaders , with them also talking and on a wholesale basis swamp the social media with them. Give them to the Jewish Federations, CRC’S and any other pro-Israel group, and ask them to send to their local elected officials and politicians. I want to see John Lewis office, for example , receiving a flood of such videos. Prepare the movie called -Apartheid State? Netanyahu in Africa and have it on hand now, not in 2-3 years. All this can still be done, and a lot more. And any more great ideas are welcome. Will it be done?. I, for one, will not hold my breath.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina