Gil Solomon

Netanyahu Must Develop A Strong Spine

Having once been a courageous sayeret matkal commando does automatically mean one has the attributes to lead a nation.

Under his Prime Ministership, Netanyahu has allowed Israel to be treated like dirt by all and sundry of the international arena, especially by the likes of Barack Obama.

Never once has he challenged the enemy’s fictional narrative of “Palestine.”

He has capitulated to terrorist demands, like the freeing of batches of murderers with blood on their hands.

He continued the precedent of ending every war prematurely and inconclusively.

He has provided the enemy with food, water, electricity and medical supplies even while a war was in progress and missiles were landing on Israeli civilian population centres.

He abides by an insane self imposed “Purity of Arms” doctrine where the enemy is warned in advance of a strike and where strikes are often called off at the last second by some military lawyer watching IAF cockpit operations in real time.

He never once considered treating Arab human shields for what they are, enemy combatants.

He has never considered it a priority that any war must end with the unconditional surrender of the enemy but rather settled for, as he said in respect to the recent Gaza conflict: “The restoration of quiet and the restoration of security for a lengthy period of time for the citizens of Israel.” In short the restoration of the status quo until next time, thus ensuring a reactive and never pro active response.

He has never challenged foreign and hostile NGOs and home grown leftists in their assistance to Bedouins, in firstly helping them to register vacant Negev land in the Land Registry as privately held after which they proceed to build monumental illegal structures that dot the landscape, structures that could hinder IDF training manoeuvres in the south. Crime in these “villages” is rampant along with human trafficking, but as usual Israel and that institution known as the Arab leaning Israeli High Court, looks the other way. Apparently “demolition” is not in Netanyahu’s vocabulary.

He has allowed the EU to build hundreds of illegal structures (at last count in excess of 500 according to Regavim) for so called “Palestinians” in Area “C”, an area designated even by that abomination known as the Oslo Accords as strictly Israeli. Rather than demolish these structures and deport EU personnel in handcuffs, Israel under his leadership refrains from such action in case of some harm to a non existent relationship with the EU. It appears that all the EU had to do was put up an EU Logo at the sites for Netanyahu to regard it as off limits. What country on the face of the earth allows a foreign entity to enter with prefabricated building material and drilling equipment and says: “away you go, build for our enemies wherever you like.” To answer my own question, only a nation which has lost all concept of sovereignty and dignity.

He has allowed Barack Obama’s supporters to set up campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv to actively try to ensure his defeat in the upcoming elections with the hope of an Israeli Government being installed which will be even more compliable with Obama’s dictates.

The harsh fact of life is that Israel has been for so long on its knees it has forgotten what it means to stand up straight. It is a nation run by Jews who are content to maintain the status quo on a myriad of issues, including the Temple Mount.

Leaders who, like Netanyahu, are content to being re-active instead of pro-active on virtually every issue.

And this is the “Light unto the Nations” that European Jews are being urged to make aliyah to? Israel is clearly in need of a no nonsense ”strong man”, as democracy Israeli style, with one useless coalition after the other, can and will only plunge the nation into a deeper quagmire of its own making.

It is time for Israel to take control of the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, control Israel foolishly granted to the Muslim Waqf, courtesy of then Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan in his desire to appear magnanimous in victory after the 1967 war. The Temple Mount is a sacred place that foreign dignitaries should be escorted to on arrival, not Yad Vashem, a memorial to our various gravesites. Instead, we see the spectacle of so called “Palestinians” playing soccer on this site.

It is time for Israel to take unilateral action on borders and hand the welfare of those people outside those borders to Jordan or Egypt or whoever.

It is time for Israel to understand that Obama is not a friend and will do all in his power to bring about its destruction, be that by withholding supply of munitions at critical times to dragging on the negotiations with Iran until that country acknowledges it is a nuclear power with nuclear weapons.

Most importantly, it is time for a united Israel to act like a sovereign power in control of its own destiny or face traumatic consequences.

About the Author
Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager and author.