Douglas MacKinnon
Former White House and Pentagon Official and author

Netanyahu Pays High Price for On-going Political Coup Against Trump

The insulting, inaccurate, and inflammatory headline in the far-left, liberal, and Democrat-supporting Politico “news” site here in the United States supplies a critical answer as to why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being targeted:

Trump’s Man in Israel indicted on bribery and fraud charges.

“Trump’s Man.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, who was Prime Minister for the last term of Democrat President Bill Clinton and both terms of Democrat President Barack Obama is suddenly and degradingly dismissed by a partisan and liberal site here in the United States as “Trump’s Man.”

A Prime Minister who courageously served his nation for a number of years as a decorated special forces operative for the Israel Defense Forces in multiple combat operations  – one of which, he was wounded – is relegated to being “Trump’s Man.”

An Israeli who lost a beloved brother to combat, got advanced degrees from M.I.T. and Harvard, was a successful businessman as well as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, is defamed by Trump-hating “journalists” as “Trump’s Man.”

A man who has spent approximately 67 of his 70 years on Earth not knowing or not dealing with Donald Trump in any official capacity is now politically and shamefully labeled “Trump’s Man.”

Truly reprehensible.

Years ago when I was in the Pentagon, I had the honor to work with members of the Israel Defense Forces.  I was a supporter of the State of Israel before those interactions, and much more so since.

Israel is, in-fact, one of the best allies of the United States and is, the shining-light for peace, stability, and democracy in the Middle-East.

All the more reason our long-lasting and critical friendship must not be threatened or damaged by partisan, petty, and spiteful nonsense emanating out of either nation.

In the United States, the majority of those who control the three largest megaphones of our nation – the media, entertainment, and academia – tend to be left-of-center and have been consumed with an irrational, and increasingly destructive hatred of President Trump.  An unhealthy and unhinged hatred born in many of them even before Trump was elected.

With that dangerous and demented thinking, comes a basic formula offered up by those whose fragile minds are haunted on a daily basis by the image of our current President:

“If you are a friend or an ally of Donald Trump in any way, we not only will hate you, but will do all in our power to smear you and bring you down.”

It is honestly no more complicated than that.

Because Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump are friends and have been working successfully together to strengthen the relationship between our two nations, many liberals here in the United States have defaulted to their predictable knee-jerk reaction:  “Netanyahu and even Israel must be sacrificed until Trump is out of office.”

Obviously, an insane and ultimately self-destructive precedent being set by many on the left.

By that thinking – and seemingly approved policy — if a liberal President is soon elected in the United States and strikes up a friendship with a future left-of-center Prime Minister in Israel, Republicans, conservatives, and independents who now rightfully support the State of Israel, should turn their back on the country because they dislike or even “hate” our new liberal President here in the United States

If you are an insecure little first-grader with an undeveloped mind involved in a schoolyard spat, that would most likely be your course of action.

However, if you are an adult who favors statesmanship, commonsense, and pragmatic survival instincts, you would openly laugh at such a childish and potentially suicidal response.

And yet, that is the poisonous partisan atmosphere Trump and Netanyahu have had to deal with for the last three years.

Prime Minister Netanyahu – who has called the charges against him a “Witch Hunt” and a “Political Coup” – can most certainly defend himself.

That said, it is a disgrace that a man who has accomplished so much in his life and is a true hero to the State of Israel and millions here in the United States is belittled for biased and hateful reasons by a partisan publication as:  “Trump’s Man.”


About the Author
Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book: The Dawn of a Nazi Moon: Book One.