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Meet some of the organizations helping Israeli start-ups get to the big stage
Networking at Innovate Israel 2012 (Photo credit: Courtesy)
Networking at Innovate Israel 2012 (Photo credit: Courtesy)

From Jerusalem shall come forth a world of innovations and inventions.

With the reestablishment of the Jewish commonwealth, the third one, which is the modern state of Israel, and the end of the out of control Jewish persecution in the world, the Jewish brain went to work overtime again. Over the past 65 years Israel has become a globally influential start-up nation in many aspects. Since that, until very recently, Israel had no resources to sell but its brain power, many technologies, in the field of science, cyber, electronic communication, medicine, agriculture, military, etc., have been developed in Israel and have been given to the world to use. The idea is born in Israel, the technology is developed in Israel, and then, when the baby is finally born, and the umbilical cord is cut, the baby is exposed to the world for “adoption”. Once an Israel company has in hand a positive marketing research results it will seek an investor, a marketing partner or an exit buyer. With that there is a great chance the technology/product/gadget/device in question will, sooner or later, become a household name. The main success factor is marketing and promotions.

The Merage Institute, in Newport Beach, Southern California, is a staunch supporter of the state of Israel. The institute has developed a program that assists Israeli companies in these two areas. In this program, several times a year Israeli startup companies, each time of the same field, are selected and then their heads are invited, all expenses paid by the Merage Institute, to arrive to the institute’s venue in Southern California where they receive a marathon, intense and intensive course in how to approach the aspects of marketing and promoting their product in the United States and the global marketplace, as well as meeting and being introduced to potential investors and strategic partners.

This month, the selected group was 16 Israeli medical companies; they were invited by Jacob Segal, who heads SCICC (Southern Californian Israel Chamber of Commerce) and Katherine Kahen, the head of the Elite Entrepreneur Organization to the impressive Beverly Hills home of the elegant hosts, Angela and Dr. Jamshid Maddahi. Each company’s representative got two minutes of stage time to present, to a large crowd, the essence of his or her product / technology and thus create a firsthand interest in their company’s product and/or innovation.

From L-Jacob Segal,Katherine Kahen, Dr. Jamshid and Angela Maddahi-Photo by Orly Halevy
From L-Jacob Segal, Katherine Kahen, Dr. Jamshid and Angela Maddahi-Photo by Orly Halevy

There is a large net of people and organizations in the United States, among them are SCICC and Elite Entrepreneur Organization that invest an enormous amount of time, efforts and assets to keep a live bridge of connectivity and broad support and assistance for Israel.

It is becoming clearer by the day that Israel is exporting to the world much more than just ‘For ‘From Zion Shall Come Forth Torah…’ (Isaiah 2:3)

It is even more clear that whatever Israel is producing and/or inventing these day is amassing more and more worldwide interest.

Whatever it is, my suggestion, nurture your curiosity and peep into Israel’s world of innovations.

The entire group of Israeli medical startup companies and their hosts-Photo by Orly Halevy
The entire group of Israeli medical startup companies and their hosts-Photo by Orly Halevy

Read Start-Up Israel to keep your finger on the pulse of Israeli high-tech and innovation!

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