Neve Gordon Just Cannot Stand Forcing the “Palestinians” to act.

Recently (9/3), Neve Gordon came out with an opinion piece in Al Jazeera, stating that the United States, via the executive orders of President Trump, has declared war (echoing Gordon Levy) on the Palestinians while also trying to erase them as a people. Going right to Godwin’s Law, Gordon opened with alluding to President Trump as Dr. Mengele experimenting on people (1).

While most readers do not need this review, Gordon’s background is important. He is a Professor of International Law at Queen Mary University in London. A recent one-stater advocate (2), Gordon has also deemed Israel an apartheid state, a colonial state, accusing Israel of immorally infiltrating anti-Israel NGOs, lying about Hamas using willing and unwilling human shields, and just about every crime possible against humanity, save genocide. He is a supporter of the inherently antisemitic BDS movement as well as a columnist for the antisemitic CounterPunch.

There is more, but this much suffices.

President Trump has ended monetary aid to Palestinian “refugees” through the normal channels; UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority. President Trump’s logic behind this is that UNRWA is corrupt, it encourages hatred towards Israel, and its definition of a refugee has no equal counterpart in the UN refugee programs. Additionally, the Palestinian Authority, corrupt itself, spends the aid money it receives on Presidential airplanes, empty museums, and the salaries of homicidal Arab criminals sitting in Israeli jails.

Gordon states that has Israel abdicated its responsibility for the “Palestinian” people. But Israel has no responsibility for the “Palestinian” people. UNRWA has a responsibility. Jordan (who murdered 10-20,000 Palestinian in the 70s) has a responsibility. Syria (who murdered 1000s of Palestinians) has a responsibility. Lebanon (who murdered 1000s of Palestinians) has a responsibility. The Arab Higher Committee and the Arab Liberation Army, who started the Palestinian Civil War (3), the impetus for the refugee crisis, has a responsibility. The Arab League, who declared war on Israel, continuing the refugee crisis, has a responsibility. Great Britain, who refused to assist the UN following the vote to accept the partition resolution, has a responsibility. But most of all, the Palestinian Authority has the responsibility. But no matter how incompetent, inept, and corrupt the aforementioned states and agencies might be, the fact is clear that the United States has no responsibility for the well-being of the “Palestinian” people.

Gordon claims that President Trump intends to destroy the institutions of the “Palestinian” state used to manage its people. But there are no such institutions, at least none such in anything other than name. Gordon also states that President Trump is planning the “social death” of the “Palestinians,” whatever that means.

Gordon continues with accusing Israel of creating the Refugee crisis by refusing to adhere to UN Resolution 194. But Gordon, deliberately blind, refuses to acknowledge that the pertinent wording deals with a conditional opportunity for those refugees willing to live in peace with Jews in Israel. As that conditional opportunity required recognizing the Jewish state of Israel, that opportunity was refused. There is no proof that the Arabs who left are willing to recognize the Jewish state of Israel today. “Palestinian” leadership still refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state even though they insist their “state” is an Islamic state.

President Trump will propose a peace plan, ignoring Gordon’s objections and rhetoric. While what passes as “Palestinian” leadership has dismissed this plan without knowing what is in it, it behooves the “Palestinian” people to consider it when it is proposed. If not, they had better come up with a plan to convince the Europeans to finance their obstinance.

(3) Karsh, Ephraim. 2010. Palestine Betrayed. New Haven. Yale University Press.

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Jack F. Sigman is a Ph.D. candidate at Gratz College. He is the author of Israel Committed genocide...! Really? The Accusations and why they are Wrong. He has lectured at the Annual Scholars Conference, at Florida Gulf Coast University and Nova Southeastern University. He is an associate of the Academic Engagement Network.
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