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Never Alone or Meaningless

Yesterday in synagogue, one of the congregants, Rafi Gabai gave a beautiful speech after services.

He said two things that really stuck out to me:

1) You are never alone.

2) Everything you do has meaning.

I said to the speaker afterwards how these were such fundamental elements of our existence that he was hitting on:

Feeling alone, uncertain, and afraid.

And questioning whether our efforts matter or even have any meaning.

I dare say there is not anyone who doesn’t struggle with these at one time or another.

In the big realm of things, how easy is it to feel lost in  space and in time?

But the speaker said to understand that Hashem is not only in the heavens, but also right here on the Earth — that G-d extends throughout the cosmos and permeates everything (like in Pantheism).

  • We are never alone, because G-d is always right there with us, and in us!
  • And what we do is never meaningless, because everything we do affects the G-dliness of everything else — everything and everyone are wholly intertwined and connected.

Instead of feeling alone, aimless, and sad, we can delight in our oneness with G-d and the cosmos and in knowing the everything we do can have a positive impact on everything else.

I can’t think of any lesson more important to remember and hold onto than this, and I hope this gives you inspiration and strength and it did for me.

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