Asaf Shimoni
Asaf Shimoni

New desalination plants to combat forest fires

As a result of rising temperatures forest fires have been raging throughout the world with a vengeance. The current fires near Jerusalem are only the beginning as far as Israel and the rest of the world is concerned.

New desalination plants

Israel must begin building new desalination plants for the purpose of irrigating its forests so that they will be more resilient to fires. This calls for the construction of a national forest irrigation grid.

This will also serve as a fire extinguishing grid

This grid will have a second purpose. To serve as a network for putting out fires. Every so many hundred meters there will be outlets (and hoses) which can supply massive amounts of water to extinguish fires. There will be no need to send trucks and planes to put out the fires.

Cameras against arsonists

While building the irrigation grids cameras will be installed throughout the forests to detect and prevent arson attacks. .

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