New Prayer Section at Wall Opposed … by Muslims

As I presumed, the reaction to the new plan to turn a section of the Western Wall into a prayer arena was denounced by the Waqf Muslim Religious Trust.

As this article informs (translation via Google):

Special prayer yard for the Jews at Al-Aqsa raises anger
Tuesday, February 2, 2016, 10:00 GMT Jerusalem

Sheikh Ikrima Sabri said that the Israeli occupation allocation of a square for mixed prayers for men and women, Jews and non-Jewish, is a “flagrant assault on the al-Aqsa and the Ministry of Religious Endowments…an assault on the rights of Muslims and Arabs.”…

…He also added:

“…Where are the Muslims and Arabs for the first Qiblah and the third holiest site in the face of continuous Judaization?…Jews have no right to Buraq Square.”…Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammad Hussein declared in a press statement that the allocation by the occupation government of the Square to mixed Jewish prayer for men and women is wrong as the site in question is an integral part of the Islamic Waqf,

Qiblah is the prayer direction which Muhammed originally, following his understanding of Judaism, had facing Jerusalem.  Buraq was the name of the Prophet’s mythical horse that carried him, supposedly to Jerusalem, and which he tethered at the Western Wall, something that allowed the Mufti Haj Amin of Mandate days to whip up religious hatred.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II should be chiming in soon.

So, the Reform/Conservative/Pluralistic streams of Judaism have graduated from Jewish fundamentalists to Islamic ones with some fanatical politics thrown in.

And they rejected over the years any parallel between their efforts and those of the Temple Mount activists.

What goes around (or up), comes around.

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