New Start- up takes the Oy! out of being an Oleh

Olehly uses on demand Hebrew speakers to deal with administrative challenges

Immigrants and travellers to Israel will attest to the fact that it can be the land of milk, honey and bureaucracy. For non-Hebrew speakers, navigating the admin of daily life in Israel is a series of contracts filled with fine print and potential  hidden costs. Now a new start-up is trying help take the Oy! out of being an Oleh.

Olehly was created to be the on-demand Hebrew speaker, for those times when you wish you were a little extra Israeli. Whether its renting an apartment, upgrading your drivers licence, getting Corona advice or even just getting a quote, Olehly has created Hebrew-speaking services to help solve all the administrative challenges that come with living in Israel. 

We caught up with Stephanie Hodes founder of Olehly on 101.9 ChaiFM to find out more.

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