Menachem Zaman
Menachem Zaman

New Year’s Resolution and the Human Condition

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to personally work on this upcoming year; I have plenty of personal work to do but nothing has really moved me.
Then I ended up stumbling upon some family videos, some dating back 10 to 20 years ago. I thought it would have been nice to watch a time that is bygone. And it was very nice, but it was also sobering. To have seen myself and the people I love age was a reality check I was unprepared for. Not to mention the loss of all the people dear to me who passed on from this life. It made me ponder my own mortality; an unwelcome yet crucial reminder that I won’t have the people around me around forever; that the flow of time is inexorable and its deleterious effects on the body unavoidable. I also saw how much my mother has changed. Even though she will always be beautiful to me, despite the gentle wrinkles that grace her lovely face, I was confronted with the fact that she is not the same woman of my youth.
As I began to see all that changed with the passage of time, it made me think of man’s vulnerability and fragility. That we can’t stop the march of time and we can’t hold on to people forever; that life is beautiful yet transient; loss is inevitable and inherent in the human condition; that pain is the fate of every man.
So to counterbalance the intrinsic challenge of life, this year I commit to working on just being nicer to people. Simply put, there’s already so much difficulty that being human encompasses and I wish not to add to it. And to whatever extent I can, to be a speck of positivity. Not a grand goal by any means but we can all use a bit more kindness in our lives, and a worthwhile ideal to aspire to.
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Menachem Zaman resides in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and two kids.
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